Beds and the WHOLE village

So today at Caring Heart started out with worship with all the children, teachers, and many people from the village. By the end of worship we were all dancing and jumping around singing “Jesus is a winner”. It was precious and hysterical all at the same time. After worship we played outside with the children while waiting on the buses to bring us the beds. Two soccer balls, some jump ropes, three frisbees, and bubbles made for great fun for the almost 600 orphans.

I couldn’t believe that I was playing frisbee with a group of 45 girls, and they were all getting along! At one point, I heard squealing and turned around to see all the youngest ones chasing bubbles around like they had never seen them before. It was amazing! The whole village had come today to see the beds being delivered. There were women and their babies and older men all awaiting the arrival of the beds. When the trucks pulled up with bed frames stacked way over the top, all the people began cheering and screaming.

Before we unloaded all the bedframes, we had a ceremony with Pastor Paul, all the villagers, and all the orphans. We sang again and danced together. Then Pastor Paul asked the village people to bring gifts to our team in appreciation for what we were doing for them. It was very humbling to have the local women present us with bananas, avocados, sugar cane, and other fruits. Some even brought money. It was like the woman in the Bible who brought her offering to Jesus in the temple despite her poverty and need. Then they all lifted their hands up to the Lord and all prayed out loud over our team. It was so moving! After this moving ceremony, we began unloading the beds. Many hours later, more sweat than I even knew I had, and more dirty than I knew I could get, we had all the beds in the formerly large empty room where these precious children had been sleeping on the floor. How wonderful to think that tonight they can sleep off of the floor and with protection from the mosquitoes. I’ve never seen people be more thankful and appreciative for gifts! Their sweet smiles and hugs were enough thanks for me!

One song that has been on my mind while we are hear is Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Yours”. I have a brand new appreciation for these words and wanted to share them with you.
“I’ve walked the dirt roads of Uganda. I see the scars that war has left behind. Hope like the sun is fading. Their waiting for cure no one can find. I hear the childrens voices singing of a God who heals and rescues and restores. And I’m reminded every child in Africa is YOURS.”

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement on this journey! You are a part of it with us!

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  1. Karen Kephart

    What a beautiful testimony of the miraculous love and work of your mission team. You have extended “grace” to these children because even when you were still a sinner, Jesus Christ saved you! What a privilege you have to share the love of God with these children. We will continue to pray for you all. Karen Kephart

  2. Melissa P.

    yay for beds! i love reading and seeing the wonderful pictures! we continue to pray for you guys and the lord has been faithful to bring your team to mind throughout the day. love you becca!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh My- I am sure there is no way to fully put in words all that you are experiencing!!! Praying and so glad to hear all that is being accomplished!!!!! So thankful.

  4. Chelsea

    Becca!!! I finally sat down to look for your post today and have been moved sitting here (in your kitchen:) reading the blog. I have this sweet image in my mind of you, dancing with those precious little girls. You’re very prayed for, friend! xoxo

  5. Lynn Marie Kramp

    Praying for you, and loved reading your post and seeing all these pictures. You have extended God’s grace and mercy to children He loves. I want to hear lots more when you return. love to you–Lynn Marie

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