Beds, Smiles and High Fives (Kailey McNeal)

When we arrived at the distribution site the celebration that occurred was elating. The songs, dancing, yelling and hello handshakes were overwhelming. Seeing the colors on all of the fabrics the people were wearing was exhilarating. Seeing the children’s smiles and hearing their laughter was intoxicating and instantly created an atmosphere of excitement. However, the most exciting thing that happened was not the dancing, songs, or colors. The most exciting thing was the smile of a girl who received a bed and learned how to high five.

After receiving her bed, this little girl came up to me timidly and stood by my side. After several minutes of talking to her about receiving her bed and all the exciting things that happened that day, I reached my hand up to give her a high five. Baffled, she stared at my hand not knowing how to respond. I reached for her hand and placed it on mine with a clap. Her face immediately lit up with excitement. For the next 10 minutes this precious little girl and I exchanged what felt like 1,000 high fives. This was the most exciting part of the day because the high fives I exchanged with this precious child were more than just high fives. They were joy, laughter, excitement, encouragement and love.

Saying goodbye was so difficult, and I wish I could’ve given her 1,000 more high fives. At the end of the day, I was comforted to know that her sweet face and high five-ing hands would be sleeping on a brand new bed that night. Why did this comfort me? Because the bed that this little one will sleep on tonight is more than just a bed. It’s safety, health, love, encouragement, and the physical reminder of God’s love in her life. Because of the bed she received, this little girl will always have a reminder that God has not forgotten her, that she is loved, chosen and precious to the Creator of the World.

Kailey McNeal
Sweet Sleep Team Member

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