Better Wednesday than I Expected

Hello again from Moldova. First a thank you to my family, friends and prayer partners for supporting me in prayer while I have been here. It’s been amazing to see what my prayer partners have been praying specifically for me realized during the day at camp. Yet another one of those God things that keep popping up.

Normally, Wedneday is a tough day for me. The body is adjusting to the time zone but my mind is telling me I only have a few days left and my body will need to readjust again. My patience is a little thin right about now, but of course those of you praying for me knew that already and lifted it up for me. Today was a fabulous Wednesday.

Two things happened today at camp. First, Alisa and Anisia, the two girls we sponsor, showed up at camp. Ms. Gallina drove them herself to the camp. We were able to take them with us to lunch and enjoy some time together. Alisa just finished exams for the 9th grade and has great plans for a professional school in the fall. She has now officially graduated from the school/orphanage. I continue to pray that she will have a chance to realize those dreams this fall and that we will be able to help her. She went home after lunch but I will get to see her tomorrow and possibly Saturday night. Anisia is staying at the camp the rest of the week because I am there. She wanted to stay and see me. We had a great time this afternoon.

The second thing to happen today was that Marilyn, Jen and I led a boy to Christ this evening. After our worship time at 6pm, we break off into our little groups to talk about the day and a few life skills that we want to go over. Tonight, our discussion quickly came around to what a relationship with Jesus is. David had shared tonight what his relationship with Christ was and what it meant to him. That kickstarted the conversation. A few kids (Radu and Igor along with the two twins that Brian McKay and his family sponsor) shared that they had already accepted Jesus as their Savior. Iuan, or John as he calls himself, said that he had thought about a relationship with Jesus but hadn’t decided yet. One discussion led to another and soon he was asking to pray to invite Jesus into his heart! What an awesome experience. We were also able to speak with the kids (5th-7th graders) about respect, role models, and their being part of a very special family together. Out of that discussion, Radu and John have decided to begin reading the Bible together. They’re starting tonight/tomorrow morning with Matthew. The other kids were talking about another group reading as well. We’ll pray that takes hold.

Another God thing I’ll mention. This boy is sponsored by Bill and Creely Wilson. I credit Creely with singlehandedly getting me involved in missions nearly six years ago when she stopped me in the hall at 409 Franklin and asked me to pray for missionaries with birthdays in January that year. That one request led me down a path to today.

I’m not in the habit of ranking days by past experience – I’ve had far too many great ones to count with my family alone – but this one has to be pretty far up there.

3 Comments on “Better Wednesday than I Expected”

  1. Anonymous

    Please let John know that there are many here praying for him and his new relationship with Christ.

    Also let my girls know how proud I am of them for being willing to speak out about their faith.

    God be with you these next few days
    Brian Mckay

  2. Linda Blough

    I am so excited to know that you were part of that experience in sharing Christ! It just does not get any better than that!
    Hope you nose is healing ok. Just had to laugh a little…
    Give my love to my guys!
    Linda Blough

  3. emilyb

    Thanks for the update, Tripp. I was wondering if you got to see your girls. I know that was a treat.

    Rejoicing with Iuan from the other side of the Atlantic,

    your fellow Moldiva

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