Birthday in Africa

Today was another amazing day in the great country of Uganda. The day started off with us preparing bags for the birthday party we were doing for the children. When we got to Africa Greater Life we were greeted with smiles and hugs.We piled into the worship hall to do worship and throw the children a birthday party. We asked them if they knew what a birthday was but the room was silent.We explained that a birthday was a day of celebration and a day to remember how much God loves you. We sang happy birthday and passed out the birthday gifts that consisted of a mirror, pens, bible, beanie baby, toothbrush and toothpaste and a crown . It was an amazing experience to see the children look at their reflection for the first time as many of the children had never seen their reflection before.
After the celebration we had the opportunity to sit with the children with their new goodies.It was really nice to be able to spend quality one on one time with the kids. One of my favorite moments was when I played with puppets with the children. The majority of the children had never seen a puppet before. They were so fascinated by them. It was awesome to see them laugh and smile. Another of my favorite moments was sitting with the older girls in the grass and listening to their stories. We shared stories and I showed them my pictures. The next thing I know the girls say that they needed to run to their rooms to get something. They brought out their photo albums and they each gave me a picture of themselves. It was a moving expierience because it was so selfless.
This trip has been absolutely amazing. I have felt so close to God these days. These children have changed my life. They have reminded me how to enjoy the small things in life, to be strong and to be grateful for everything I have. I have made some special connections with the kids at this orphanage I was blessed to be able to remind the children that they are loved by God and not forgotten.I am truly blessed to have been given a chance to come here. I want to leave you from a quote from an Indian poet ” I slept and dreamed life was happiness. I awoke and saw life is service. I served and found that in service happiness is found.”

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  1. carolyn

    I am crying tears of joy to god right now because by reading all of the stories. I am seeing the work that god is doing and will continue to do in uganda

  2. Anonymous

    your not just changing beds, youre changing lives. as hard as it may be to be in an unusual country faced with poverty, orphans, and strain, trust God to bring wonder. He’s filling the orphanages with love through youre service. keep up the great work, cant wait to hear all about it. sleep sweet, taylor

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