Blessed Beyond Belief

Their old beds….

New bed frames arrive!

The great mattress unloading…

Mattresses on the move…

Our little mattress king.

Installing the new bed frames with Gary.

Complete healthy, comfortable new Sweet Sleep beds!

What and incredible day with the kids at Blessed Hope Orphanage. When we arrived this morning, following our exciting drive through Kampala, the kids were all lined up in their respective primary classes and sang a beautiful song for our welcome. They then practiced calling us by our names, with Auntie and Uncle in front of them as a sign of respect. They were able to get a few of our names, although they attempted to call all of us either Jen or Stuart over and over again.

The frames of the beds had arrived last night, so we had a jumpstart on our bed day. 176 brand new bed frames were scattered across their activity lawn, and the mattresses, sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets arrived a bit later, following lunch. While some of the older boys helped organize the bed frames with Gary and I, the others made paper flowers with the kids. After finding a pretty good way of working with the frames last summer, we were able to work together and get things organized pretty quickly. It is amazing how eager the kids are to help us out, and are will help out in any way that they are asked. We were able to get about 100 beds in the two girl’s dormitories, and another 90 beds in the three boy’s dorms. The kids were so excited to see their news beds. While we were bringing in and laying out the bed frames, a young girl came in to her room, she looked where her foam mattress used to lay on the floor, saw a new bed in its place and began to jump up and down with excitement, with the biggest smile on her face.

After a brief time of worship with the kids, we were able to finish getting beds ready, and had the privilege of seeing these beautiful Ugandan children lie in their beds for the first time. What a joy it is to be a part of this experience.

Although the bed day was exceptional, some of my most moving moments of the day came in our hour and one half bus ride too and from the orphanage. To see a young boy, about Gideon’s age (who is my four year old son), selling eggs by himself through the busy streets of Kampala, moved me in the deepest way. I love God with all my heart, and I know that His wisdom is far beyond my comprehension, but it is hard for me to be in the midst of this degree of poverty, and not question the way the world is set up. We as Americans are beyond blessed, and we often haven’t got a clue how the rest of the world lives. We are always comparing ourselves to those who have more and relishing in our own self pity, instead of comparing ourselves to those who have so little, and living a life of grateful service. Whoever is reading this blog, hug your kids, and give thanks for the freedoms they have, and the fact that they are not walking the streets trying to make a living.

Thank you to everyone that is supporting this mission team through their prayers, and through your earlier financial support. You have allowed us to be the hands and feet of Christ here in Uganda, and you are allowing our lives to be changed and broken for the better. For you prayer warriors out there, please say a huge prayer for the luggage of our Evansville team, none of us have yet to get our checked luggage, and there is so much sports equipment ,and gifts for the children that we are missing.

Abby, Gideon and Abel, I love you dearly and hope that you can all join me on a journey to Uganda in the future.
Michael Warneke

5 Comments on “Blessed Beyond Belief”

  1. Perrie

    This is Perrie–Amanda’s mom. Just wanted to let you know we are praying about your luggage for sure! Hope the next post I see has good news!

  2. Kathryn Campbell

    That was one of the things that stood out to me as well, Mike. Specifically, the kids that gathered on that corner that we passed out the food. Remember it? Glad you are there and that I’m able to keep up with you all. I’m praying all along the way.

  3. Mom and Dad

    Mike I hope you get your luggage and are able to pass out the soccer balls and hats you brought. The internet is great in that we can follow your journey. We are reading your journal each day from last years trip. We will continue to keep you, your team, and your family inour prayers. Love Dad

  4. Melissa

    Mike, so thankful that you’ve been able to return to Uganda again this year – those children are blessed to have you there, and I know you’re feeling the overwhelming blessing of being there as well. I loved your comment about how we always compare ourselves to those who have more than us rather than to those who have so little compared to us. Especially with remembering the selfless nature of the Ugandan people, how they are thankful for what they have but are not materialistic with regard to their possessions. Keep loving and hugging on the orphans on behalf of all of us reading these blogs!!

  5. Cathy

    Central UMC crew,

    I hope you are having an amazing time in Uganda. I know that you are touching lives by just being there. You are an amazing group of people, I know that God has placed each one of you there for a reason.

    I hope your luggage gets to you soon (it will just be another story to tell at some point, but I know it has to be hard for you right now:))

    I will be thinking about you and praying for all of you.

    Cathy Ferris

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