Old Bed

Old Bed Originally uploaded by emily_borders. This is an example of an old bed and mattress that has been soiled over many years.

New Floor

New Floor Originally uploaded by emily_borders. This is (top to bottom) Artur, Ivon, and Vasile helping to put in the new floor, or “foundation”.

Old Floor

Old Floor Originally uploaded by emily_borders. I tried to add these 4 photos to Jen’s Blog “Beds-R-Us” but I couldn’t get it to work. So I’m uploading them individually. This is a picture of one of the rotted out floors in the dorm.

I can’t sleep, and now I know why…

My family and I made it home safely on Monday. I have been on my fair share of mission trips in my young life, and I have thought that for the past couple of years that I would only go to Brazil, and that every other place in the world was just not my cup of tea…Somehow, my family, especially … Read More


As the Sweet Sleep Construction team returns and settles back into Nashville and the reality of the work accomplished here begins to sink in, I thought I might just share a little about the incredible events that occured. In short, it was witnessing a miracle…maybe a modern day “Loaves and Fishes” story. Here, a few dollars were given by many … Read More

But the greatest of these?

OH Moldova, OH Moldova! If you could hear the tune accompanying these words in my head, you’d find my song to be quite cute. I made it up a few summers ago when I was here and I discovered that strange and unexplainable things happen in this country. And not just while you are here, but once you get home. … Read More

From Falest with Love

Here are a couple of shots I thought I’d share with you from the first team in Falest. The children come from an orphanage of 360 children. Our camp was for 140 children between 2 years and 16 years old. The first picture was taken on the first day as many exicted children crowded around each team member. So many … Read More

Emily and Jen “isms”

Ok, after more than two weeks of an emotional roller coaster, Jen and I are sitting here together on our last night. So, to lighten the mood a little bit, we thought we’d list some random inside jokes that none of you will understand…well, some of you will. =) 1. “No, but I have some Vasoline.” 2. “No, I said … Read More

Bowling Moldovan Style

A little disclaimer. With minor technical difficulties on my account – probably self-inflicted – I’m writing under Emily’s blog account. It would be impossible for me to offer my reflections on the entire week tonight. I know it will take at least a week to process everything, but I do want to get down my thoughts on today as it … Read More

Bed Elves

Today was a great life moment. Today I think we were all dragging a little from the intensive construction week we’ve had. However, when we arrived at the job site (the orphanage) we were greeted by some very eager faces who quickly ushered us up to the third floor of one of the dorms. Artur, Vasile, Dima and Ivan threw … Read More