Moldova, Moldova, Moldova!

Hello all! We’re sitting in a Russian Internet cafe with loud techno music, smoke, no lights and a broken Russian keyboard…so I hope this email blog is worthy of reading! The children are incredible. They are much younger than we were anticipating and they have pieces parts of shoes and clothing. They have big smiles and are always so excited … Read More

A miracle!

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I stopped blogging very quickly last night. I said it was because I had no time, but I actually looked down at my arms and saw that I was having an allergic reaction. For those of you who know me know that I had a bad one in February. I got very scared … Read More

Happy Birthday!

Today was great – we started off with breakfast, consisting of cereal (KosmoStars – seriously!), hot tea, juice, bananas, yogurt…not bad considering previous meals! Then, we went to church at a local Baptist church. It was great – the entire service was in Romanian – lasted 2 hours, but it was fantastic! Alexia (one of our team members) sang Amazing … Read More

The Eagle Has Landed…

Hello everyone! It’s 9:15 pm in Balti, and we found an internet cafe!! Everything went well getting here…just a LOT of flights, but it gave us more time to get to know each other and to SLEEP! I am actually not that jet lagged because I got so much sleep on the way here. We made it here with only … Read More

Team 1

Team 1 Originally uploaded by emily_borders. Team 1 is gearing up to leave tomorrow – the day is finally here! After these past few months of preparation, I am so ready to GO. Here is a picture of Team 1 taken at our last team meeting: (front row) Colleen Long, Jordan Trent, Calle Griffith, Emily Borders, Rhonda Walsh, (back row) … Read More