Broken And In Love

I never dreamed that at age 65 I would get on an airplane and fly to a country in the middle of Africa on a mission trip, but here I am. Today was our second day of serving God in Gulu, Uganda. How blessed I have been. My heart has been broken and I have fallen in love all in the same breath.

Today we met some amazing children and adults on the outskirts of Gulu. They sang and danced for us, greeting us with love and gratitude.

Looking into the eyes of those beautiful faces, I could see the pain, yet there was also hope.

I could write about Kurt’s dancing, or me playing a very large mosquito, or about the excitement of handing out the mattresses and the package with the mat, blanket, mosquito net, and Bible, but instead I just want to tell the world about the severe poverty here, and what wonderful work Sweet Sleep and their partners are doing to help the children help themselves to change their lives.

I will be leaving this place on Saturday a changed person, never looking at life the same way I did before coming here. God told me to come and I am so grateful I obeyed. I have fallen in love with this country and its people, and I will be back, if it is God’s will.

Jane Vehling

June, 2016 Gulu Team


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