Building Beds with Amazing Kids!

i never appreciated laying horizontally in a bed so much until last night!! it was a long journey and exciting to finally make it to our destination! so today was wonderfully tiring. we built 15 beds and stained about 80. it was fun to chat with the translators and kids, but i must admit the whole talking through the translator thing is kinda strange. i met a few kids that latched on to me a little girl named Elena and a few others. it really is amazing how by simply building beds can truly change lives. they haven’t had new beds in i think the head lady said in 20 years. thats ridiculous and 15 kids get new beds tonight just because Jesus is moving so much here right now. its a blessing to be able to be here and experience this. let everyone know (hi family and tyler) that God is on the move and this experience is going to be quite an amazing one. your prayers daily are being put to such good use. love to all. blessings from Moldova.

Sallie Heard

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  1. Katie

    Sal Pal,
    I am so excited and proud of you. We are praying fo ryou daily, adn just a little update, Marianne is being released from teh hospital today, but it has turned to stage 3 cancer, so plase keep her in your prayers. Love you so much!

  2. Tyler

    I felt like it took five days to finally hear from you! I’m very glad that you’re over there and getting some face time with the kids. I know that will be the most rewarding part of your journey. I’m praying for your continued strength and energy as well as patience because I know the language barrier can be very difficult. I love you and am excited to hear all about your experiences.


  3. Bill

    Hi Sallie,
    Sounds like everyone is staying very busy building beds (BBB). I’m sure the week is flying by. We keep you and your new friends in out prayers. Can’t wait to see pictures and learn more about your experience in Moldova. We love you.
    MoM and DAD

  4. Bill

    Buggie Boo
    Guess who this is??? I love being able to hear about your day via the blog-thanks for the email. We are so proud of you and all the wonderful things you and your team are doing for the kids. Can’t wait to see pictures so we can put faces with the names. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Until Sat. All our love Mom and Dad

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