Going Home

All week we’ve been talking about caring for the orphan by equipping their caretakers to be self-sustainable. Another vulnerable group that very often gets overlooked are the older children — children in their teens who, without parents, are expected to be able to provide for themselves. But really, 13 and 15 year olds are still just children.  We’re excited to … Read More

Karamoja: Day Five

DAY 5: “According to the observations made by the Sweet Sleep staff during the 4 days while working with the indigenous partner organization together with the Community Development Centre team, the problem of poor sleeping conditions indeed exists among the children in the various families and boarding schools within Karamoja region. Karamoja is characterized by generally low rainfall distribution, reliability … Read More

Karamoja: Day Four

DAY 4: “Inspired to be cuddled by children, I woke up very early in the morning ready to move with the education group after spending the previous day with the resettlement group with which I shared some intensive emotional moments. That morning I was able to have a soda with a Chapati for breakfast as the rest of the team … Read More

Karamoja: Day Three

DAY 3: “We started the day with a late breakfast of black tea without any edibles which Tea I really failed to take in spite of trying my level best to do so. The water in this location is somehow contaminated with lot of minerals and not so fresh for drinking unless when may be treated first. The would be … Read More

Karamoja: Day Two

DAY 2: “After having a peaceful and a wonderful night, the children together with the team had the opportunity to have a morning bath and it was at 9:30am when both the children and the team were served with breakfast. In a bid to get acquainted with the work of the indigenous partner organization, we jointly held a brief meeting … Read More

Karamoja: Day One

THE JOURNEY: DAY 1 “It is upon this background that one of Sweet Sleep’s staff was prompted to make a visionary trip together with a team of 6 members from [the indigenous partner organization]. The team was to minister alongside with Sweet Sleep during what was referred to as the second phase of their repatriation exercise in Karamoja region.  It … Read More

Karamoja: Before the Trip

Part 2 of 3 Purpose Behind the Mission When Josephine told Jen and Madelene that she had the opportunity to go into the Karamoja region and see what needs Sweet Sleep could help meet, both Jen and Madelene told her, “Yes! Go!” In her five day journey into the Karamoja Josephine had these goals: “Get more acquainted with the work … Read More

What We Have Been Doing in Uganda

Part 1 of 3 Uganda is a country that has been torn apart. People groups, North & South regions, and the LRA have all been factors into how Uganda is today. How the Government is run, how the people groups interact together, and just how the people survive. To create a better life, children will strap themselves to the bottom … Read More

Children lost in the shuffle

“While the circumstances are different, the need’s not different. We’re both involved with at-risk children.  Whether it’s in another country or children in middle Tennessee–same story the world over, children getting lost int he shuffle.” Tom Ward, President and CEO of Oasis Center, shared his heart yesterday as Sweet Sleep helped to provide 24 mattresses to the two transitional living … Read More