What We Have Been Doing in Haiti

As some of you have seen on our Facebook page, Haiti has been having a  lot of celebration for new beds coming! Here at Sweet Sleep we thought that you would like to know what we have been up to in Haiti: Beds on Boats – A new Dr. Seuss Book      A couple of weeks ago 105 beds were … Read More

Jen’s Pen January 2013

Hello Friends! January 2013 is an incredibly exciting place to arrive;   the celebration of our 10th year of ministry begins! Our Board and global staff are so thankful for you. Your faithful involvement, prayers and financial support of our ministry has allowed Sweet Sleep to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. Thank you. January … Read More

Why I Go: Meet Laura Ramey

The thought of traveling to a third world country would make many people cringe. Questions flood to mind: Is it safe? Can I drink the water? What if I get sick? Facing these fears isn’t easy, but one Nashville woman keeps finding the courage to travel to Haiti, even in the wake of disaster. Laura Ramey took her first trip … Read More

God knows what He’s doing (Kristi Marshall)

Friday April 15, 2011 It is amazing how God puts together a mission’s team just like a puzzle. We just spent an hour hanging out with one another after a great day at the orphanage talking about the victories and challenges we have experienced. There have already been a lot of laughs and a lot of tears as we serve … Read More

Internet for a minute!! (Day one—Kelly Stanley)

Thursday April 14, 2011 WOW! Well, we were up at 4:30am, on our plane at 7:00am and stepping off in Haiti around 8:30am. I was amazed at “baggage claim.” It was total chaos. We were warned, but it’s just not the same until you are there. There were people standing on the conveyor belt throwing luggage. There was no, “excuse … Read More

All Aboard!

After a long night for our Arkansas team members, everyone made it safely to Miami for their dark-thirty flight to Port-Au-Prince. Right now everyone is probably full of excitement and trying to peer out their cabin windows to get a view of Haiti from the air. Thanks for praying for these ten team members:Laura & Todd RameyChet & Mary Virginia … Read More

Announcing Sweet Sleep’s next trip to Haiti!

Hello friends! I’m excited to announce the date for our next Sweet Sleep trip to Haiti: April 13-19, 2011. This trip is open to anybody, so please send this email to your friends or post the information on your blog, Facebook or Twitter…whatever you’d like! More information is as follows: Sample itinerary:Depart for Miami: April 13th Spend the night in … Read More

HAITI: A Report From Sweet Sleep’s President and Founder, Jen Gash

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake forever changed Haiti and the lives of those who call it home. It also changed the work that Sweet Sleep does there. Sweet Sleep’s work in Haiti began simply yet in response to an emergency. In 2008, Haiti suffered from one hurricane after another. As a result of hurricanes and driving rains, a mountain … Read More

Haiti: A Time of Prayer

Next Wednesday marks the 1-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Whether or not you are a person of prayer, so many times it is our human nature to reach out to God in our desperate times. For many in Haiti, THIS is still their desperate time. They’ve been reaching out to God for months and need you to intercede on … Read More

When you lie down you will not be afraid.

God does not give us more than we can take. I know the truth behind this. But sometimes God trusts me with a surprising and overwhelming load. Today was one of those days. Today a vast scope of the destruction left by the earthquake was revealed to us. Unfortunately, what we saw was only a glimpse of the entire story. … Read More