When they lie down they will not be afraid.

God does not give us more than we can take. I know the truth behind this. But sometimes God trusts me with a surprising and overwhelming load. Today was one of those days. Today a vast scope of the destruction left by the earthquake was revealed to us. Unfortunately, what we saw was only a glimpse of the entire story. … Read More


No child should die from a mosquito bite, yet EVERY DAY more than 2,000 do. We do lots of things in our lives in the name of “prevention”. If I asked you to take 30 seconds and make a list of all the things we work to “prevent” the list would include things like: cancer, weight gain, speeding tickets, unplanned … Read More

No orphans of God

This morning I missed being home. I missed playing with the orchestra. From rehearsal I knew we would be playing “Orphans of God” by Avalon, one of my favorite songs. Fitting, I thought, because I would be here in Haiti serving God’s children.Today we attended the community’s worship service, a long, passionate, and deliberate service. After each age group recited … Read More

God is so Good! ALL the time!

Hi. This is Raquel Babb posting on Stuart’s account. God is so good! ALL the time! I know that if you have been around me anytime in the past 2 weeks then you have probably heard me say this phrase a time or two. It has become my new little phrase lately, but I truly have seen it in so … Read More

Language Barrier

Hey,this is Lee Swartz posting on Stuart’s account. Two days in and I’m finally starting to pick up a little Creole or French or French Creole from the children here…valuable words and phrases like “Hot!”…“No, I mean it’s really hot!” and the more slang vernacular for “How are you doing, Caucasian man or woman.” And I have, in turn, taught … Read More

Hi this Jon in Haiti

Hi this Jon Bullick in Haiti posting on Stuart’s account. Yesterday we visited two orphanages and I had the blessing of sitting by Joseph who helps with GOP. I saw Jesus in the faces of a few hundred people. I talked with Jesus in the back of a truck. His name is Joseph. He was an orphan. His dad was … Read More

The power of a gift

Our first full day in Haiti is coming to an end. Team members are milling near their rooms and children are finally quieting down. Tonight was movie night so we’ve all stayed up a little later than usual. As the movie ended, I saw what I had seen on a previous journey to visit children. If you pick them up … Read More

Hello From Haiti!!!

Before I started writing this post last night, we were told to conserve electricity because the country’s electric power was not working and neither was the orphanages generator. So the orphanage was running on backup battery power. Soon after I started, the backup batteries died. There’s a reason they call these “Mission’s Journeys” and not “Missions Trips”. After a long … Read More

The Mango Tree

Hi all, this is Keeli. Wow, what an experience Haiti has been. This is my sixth mission trip out of the US and each time I’m amazed by how awesome God is. This morning after breakfast we got to experience a 4.6 aftershock. Only a few seconds of rumbling and rocking, and the fear of being by a three story … Read More