Some Photos from Our Work in Haiti

Just wanted to send a few more pictures from our Brentwood Baptist/Sweet Sleep Team in Haiti!  Here is our team – you’ll see many of them had their hair braided by kiddos. 🙂   Here’s Keeli in the process… Being called to go on a mission trip means oh, so many things.  You must be brave and let kids do … Read More

No Mirrors

They have no mirrors here. The children do not know what they look like. They ask often for us to take their “photo, photo!” because they get so excited to see themselves on the screen after the flash goes off. They smile, they laugh, they praise God no matter what. These children have taught me many lessons so far, and … Read More

Friday, oh no Saturday … time has no meaning 😉 There is nothing but love, laughter, and sunshine.Today we were with the children all day! We started our day with spagetti for breakfast, hey don’t knock it till you try it. The flurry of acitvities included: Leigh Ann’s famous “lawn mower” song (thanks Darlene for sharing with her) they children … Read More

“A new family member at the Orphan Transition Village and in Heaven’

This afternoon I’d like to share something with you from our partners we’re here serving right now, The Global Orphan Project. Alan Dietrich, live from Haiti: Two precious lives forever changed by the earthquake in Haiti. The first is Jean Marc Vaval, the son of our dear Pastor Moise Vaval, GO Haiti Field Director. You’ve read that he had not … Read More

What a day it has been!

What a day it has been! (see pictures in post below)Our team started out this morning at 4am from the Dominican Republic. We had an adventuresome drive to Haiti this morning. Pit stops with pigs, roadside water purchases, and random speed bumps every few miles were just a few of the exciting things we experienced on our 5 plus hour … Read More

Sweet Sleep Team Has Arrived in Haiti!

Just a few quick pictures of our first afternoon with our BBC/Sweet Sleep team in Haiti!   The team has arrived!   Kim Cox already loving on some orphans. That didn’t take long!   Kids getting ready to be reunited with their families! Amazing…   More cuties about to reunite with their families! There are some exciting things to share … Read More

A Different Haiti

Sweet Sleep began work in Haiti in 2008 after the country was left battered from rock and mud slides and scared children without mommas were in need of beds and loving places to lay their sweet heads.  This is the view from my window this morning. I can hear sweet children singing…. So it is today. However, the Haiti we … Read More

Experiencing Haiti — Under the Stars

I have to say I was sad to miss last week’s Sweet Sleep Under the Stars event at the Planetarium in Nashville. However, I have been able to experience Haiti under the stars instead.  Due to the recent aftershocks, our HORT group has been sleeping on the roof of the building where we’re staying. Here are some photos of our … Read More

A Night In Their Shoes

I’m from Illinois. I do tornadoes. Tornadoes let you know ahead of time they’ll be in your area and you local friendly TV weather man will tell you exactly what time they’ll be arriving at your doorstep so you’ll already be waiting for them in your bathtub with a mattress over your head. Earthquakes, it seems, don’t lend the same … Read More

Two stories from Haiti: Privileged to Share and Blessed to Pray

This is the sound that generally starts my day. I don’t normally hear a helicopter during my daily routine, but here…there’s no daily routine and helicopters are a frequent sight..and sound. Earlier this week a pastor we were meeting with talked about the psychological needs of the orphans he is caring for. This was before my aftershock experience and so … Read More