Faces of Haiti

These are just a few of the faces we’ve been praying for this week. We still don’t know the effect the earthquake has had on each of their orphanages…their lives. So, just join us in prayer for these faces…and so many thousands…tens of thousands…more. I encourage you to post those you’re praying for. Either here for everyone to pray for … Read More

Update on Haiti for Friday.

Hello friends– I’ve been glued to CNN since Tuesday night. My heart is broken. My body is going to a prayer time for the people of Haiti. I encourage you to come be among others who are lifting up our brothers and sisters who are in such great pain right now. Brentwood Baptist Church chapel, 6 pm. An update on … Read More

Update: Haiti

A quick update: Our ministry partners are on the ground in DR, the PAP airport was closed due to bottlenecking of aid coming in and planes leaving out and poor air traffic control. Currently en route to PAP. Aid to Sweet Sleep for Haiti will go toward providing emergency blankets and other bedding/beds as necessary. Donations are still needed. Former … Read More

Sweet Sleep’s Emergency Response in Haiti

You’re probably expecting a report about my recent trip to provide beds for orphans in northern Uganda this Christmas. However, right now, as you know, there is an immediate need in Haiti because of the 7.0 earthquake — the most powerful to hit Haiti in 200 years. The quake virtually destroyed the capital city of Port-au-Prince, where more than two … Read More

Earthquake in Haiti

As you’ve likely heard, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake– the most powerful to hit Haiti in a century — shortly before 5 p.m. which was centered about 10 miles southwest of the capital city of Port-au-Prince. As of this hour, at least 17 aftershocks have occurred, with more than 7 of those over a 5.0. Haiti is one … Read More

A Haitian wrap up…in pictures

So, there is much to still process about Sweet Sleep’s recent scouting trip to Haiti. There were so many things that reminded me of Moldova and many other things that reminded me of parts of Africa. While Haiti is different in its own way, there are always parallels when it comes to children. They need to be loved. They need … Read More

The flood

Last August Haiti was battered by several hurricanes and subsequent rock and mud slides. Then, to add insult to injury, massive flooding from the heavy hurricane rains. If you’ve read my blog from Monday on how our work in Haiti began, then you already know some of this and, you know our ministry began in Haiti as a result of … Read More


The first orphanage we visited Tuesday was one with an industrious director who had lived in the States and saved enough money to return to Haiti to build an orphanage. While in the States he also made enough contacts to help fund the ongoing needs of the orphanage. In addition to the orphanage, the campus holds a school, church, hospital … Read More

safety….in haiti

There’s really no way for me to sum up what we’re learning or seeing, other than to just share it with you as we have experienced it. So, welcome to our Haiti scouting trip. As everyone at home began to hear we were going to Haiti we would get one of two reactions:1. “Oh, you’ll love it. The people are … Read More


Tonight I’m sitting in Haiti ready to tell you some stories, but it’s occurred to me I might start at the beginning. Over the last couple of years as we’ve prayed for direction on where else we could minister, many countries presented needs to us. In my world we’d give beds and bedding to every kid who sleeps on a … Read More