A Week Of Love And Joy

10 July 2016 It is exactly one week since I stepped into pastor Ion (John) Groza’s little church in Crihana-Veche, Moldova. Our team is temporarily stranded at the airport in London as a result of a flight delay for reasons unknown. I think maybe it is His way of giving me time to begin this writing. A lot has happened … Read More

Camp Romantica

Moldova appears as a small, almost featureless country on the Eastern European maps. There are no great rivers or ocean ports in the country. It has little international strategic value, especially for Americans. We hardly ever hear of it. Quiet, unremarkable, and seemingly insignificant, there it appears on the maps. Ask the average American where it is and you get … Read More

Journey With Sweet Sleep In 2016

6/24/16 – 7/3/16: Gulu, Uganda – Join us as we deliver 400 beds to orphaned and vulnerable children living in northern Uganda. 7/1/16 – 7/10/16: Moldova – Help us host a five day summer camp for approximately 100 orphaned and vulnerable children. Team members will lead games, crafts, music as we share the Gospel with children and adults. 7/22/16 – … Read More

45 Kids Left to Be Sponsored for Summer Camp

People ask me all the time how I possibly travel the way I do, run a ministry, and care for my three young children. The answer lies in a beautiful and finely orchestrated dance my husband and I have committed to doing together. We purposefully don’t have a nanny or outside help because…

Our first full day in country..

Hey folks, this is Dan McBride and it is my turn to update you on our amazing adventure. Those two words (amazing adventure) define my day today. We started out visiting the Voice of Truth Church in Chisinau. This church is rather different from the standard church here in Moldova. This church opens its arms to the non-perfect and non-Christians. … Read More

Heart for Moldova (Day 3)

Tonight we celebrated the opening ceremony of the Moldova: Heart For Orphans event. Over 500 Christians from across Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, and America gathered together to worship and pray for orphans. The goal of this event is ultimately to spark a movement in the Church of Moldova to have a compassionate heart for their own and champion indigenous adoption … Read More