Day of Rest (Spencer Key)

It’s 7:00am and most won’t be up for another hour. Today we travel to Gulu so we can distribute beds on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Monday will be about 3 hours drive away in Agoro, close to the Sudan border. Tuesday we will still be several hours out of Gulu in Oroko, and then Wednesday will be close by in … Read More

Countdown to Gulu (Spencer Key)

It is about 24 hours from the time our group will be landing in Amsterdam on the first leg of our journey, and 9 hours from when we load up and head to the airport. My how time flies (pun intended) and how quickly situations can change. Today was going to be one of my busiest days at work of … Read More

Gulu THANKS You!

One week ago, God took me to a place and showed me things that I had never experienced before. He then inspired words that told the story of a tiny village that had gone overlooked by all but Him. Until Now.  We must never underestimate the power of what good we can do in this world, together. Your response to … Read More


The last two days at My People Children Home went by too quickly. On Thursday, the beds, blankets and Bibles arrived. We then spent about three hours unloading the beds, putting them together, and then arranging them in the boys and girls dorms. It was amazing to see the faces of the children when they saw the beds in place. … Read More

Want Versus Need

This whole trip has been a great experience, in that we are actually getting more blessings that the kids probably are. I realize how spoiled we are, how we have everything we need and most of what we want, yet are still complaining. They don’t even have some basic necessities of what they need, most of all a bed. I … Read More

The Have’s and the Have-Not’s.

In the time that I’ve been here in Uganda, I’ve learned as much about the American people as I have the Ugandan people in comparing the two with each other. I’ve noticed that in pretty much any society that people are used to talking about the Have’s and Have-Not’s. But what I’ve found is that there are actually four groups. … Read More

God is good..all the time! All the time..God is good!

Where to even begin… I will start off with a motto the kids at the children’s home say, “God is good… all the time! All the time… God is good!!!”. We are told daily by all the people we come into contact with that we are a blessing to them, but oh do they have it wrong. They have been … Read More

Paradise or Paradigm

What has struck me most is the stark contrast you run into in Uganda. You have a very beautiful, beautiful country. Watching amazing animals, like the graceful giraffe going along. Everything is so beautiful and looks like a Garden of Eden, until you get into the populated areas, be it the villages or cities. There is so much poverty. Even … Read More

Lovin’ on Kids

Yesterday, we went to the children’s home. We met all the children and got to play with them a little bit. I met this little girl named Catherine. She is two years old and the youngest child in the orphanage. She absolutely stole my heart! I have held her the last two days and haven’t let her go. Today when … Read More

Amazing Faith

Today (Friday, July 27th) was our first day at My People’s Childrens Home, about 50 miles outside of Kampala, Uganda. The first thing that really impressed me was the spirituality and faith of the kids. They’ve been praying for us for months to show up, and when we drove up this little lane they were so excited that God had … Read More