An Answer to Someone’s Prayers

Driving back into Kampala after a 15 hour drive from Gulu was an experience. It was after dark and one van was without lights due to previous mechanical difficulties. The traffic was bumper to bumper for several hours. As we waited, several small children came to our window of the van begging. One of the children could not even reach … Read More

Despair, But Hope

On this trip, I’ve really noticed how different the societies are between Uganda and the United States. You see on the commercials and you always hear about it. Especially when people found out I was coming to Africa, I was told how different it was here, but it never really sunk in until I saw it; until I saw the … Read More

A day fit for a king.

They came from all parts of town. From just blocks away, or an orphanage across town, or the outskirts of the city of Gulu. At the headquarters of Health Alert Uganda, the partner of Sweet Sleep in Northern Uganda reaching out to the HIV positive children, many, many came. Many more than were expected. More than what mattresses were available. … Read More

What would you say?

What would you say if given the opportunity to share the Gospel with a group of people? The Sweet Sleep Missions trip gave me the chance to speak to the group of people that assembled to receive beds and netting. I prayed and asked God to show me what was important for this audience to hear. My heart was to … Read More

Buzungu, Precious, by Amanda McCutcheon

Monday July 23,2012Everything here is gorgeous. We’re on our way to Gulu, and I’ve never been so in awe. I’ve spent the last hour waving to people that are walking by our van. They are so pleasant and excited to see us. I notice all of the children dressed up nicely on their way to school, though most aren’t wearing … Read More

Lubanga Mari, by Russell Milmo

Tuesday morning, Jul 25, 2012Here we go, bright and early. A little warmer today, but it’s nothing new to me. Still hasn’t dawned on me that I’m in Africa. Some blue sky, red dirt. Just different culture. I tell you what, these people grow more corn here than the state of Illinois! These folks however, grow it to eat, not … Read More

First Thoughts

Today on our first day in Gulu, we started out by getting up and ready by 5:00am so we could travel to Gulu, a drive of over 5 hours. We started off in Anaka around 2:00pm, about 6 hours late due to not driving up until this morning, behind schedule. We gave out 150 beds to children that had registered … Read More

Celebrating 3 years in Uganda!

Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of Sweet Sleep in Uganda, can you believe it?!  It’s hard to comprehend the immense blessings that have spanned over our time there and how a team just so happens to be there right now sharing the love of Jesus Christ!   Josephine, our national director of Uganda shared how special her time serving with … Read More

By The Numbers

8,500 miles – Olney, Texas to Kampala, Uganda18:45 Hours in the air, 3:45 hours on the ground, 22:30 hours total3 different planes4 different countries3 continents16 people-7 men, 2 women, 7 teens14 daysHundreds of mattressesThousands of children1 orphanageDozens of Bunk beds From a town of 3,000 people, to cities of 150,000 (Gulu) and 1.5 million (Kampala)Texas – 268,568 sq. miles, Uganda … Read More

Small Town Fundraising

When we began planning our trip in December 2011, we knew that fundraising would need to be a priority. Throughout the last six months, our team has been involved in a variety of activities to help make this journey possible financially. We have truly been blessed continually by the support of our families, friends, church, and community. The following is … Read More