My 39th Birthday (Jerry Miele)

It’s been an adventurous and exciting trip so far. I celebrated my 39th birthday waking up for my first full day in Africa. That day my best friend, Alex, and I began our journey to meet up with the rest of the team who was already in Gulu, Uganda, which was to serve as our base of operations for the … Read More

Open Our Eyes (Tammy Pryor)

Our day began as I stepped out of my comfort zone by leading the morning devotion. I chose Exodus 3:11 where Moses feels incompetent to lead God’s people out of Egypt.  This scripture I found fitting for the ones where this is their first mission trip but equally fitting for even the seasoned missionary.  Each time I gear up for a … Read More

Intro to Moldova 2015

I am struck today in a very profound way by the circumstances in which I find myself. I’m standing in a camp that was built during the Soviet era that was used as an Communist indoctrination camp for youth. I’m standing on ground that was dedicated to promoting thoughts and ideals that were openly in opposition to my Christian beliefs. … Read More

Intro to Uganda 2015

This is our first mission in Uganda for 2015 and we’re bringing a brand new team. Last year, Sweet Sleep sent a single team for distributing 380 beds. This year, we’ll send three teams to cover over 1,000… Here’s a quick look at the incredible crew in action and their hopes, expectations, and dreams for this journey. We’re back in … Read More

Shrink or Grow

From Ronda Harris Some things in life are just simple; it is our head knowledge that can complicate things.  To go on a mission trip half way around the world people would tell you to be prayed up and I would agree with them.  However, that is not how I went on my mission trip.  To say that 2014 was a … Read More

A Greater Purpose (Ronda Harris)

To give a child one crayon and ask them to create art, is heart breaking. The children that I met today at Bright Hope organization school, are happy and energetic, like many children their age would be. And yet, I gave them 1 crayon, 1 sticker & 1 paper to create art.. and still their art was beautiful. I know … Read More

Karamoja: Day Five

DAY 5: “According to the observations made by the Sweet Sleep staff during the 4 days while working with the indigenous partner organization together with the Community Development Centre team, the problem of poor sleeping conditions indeed exists among the children in the various families and boarding schools within Karamoja region. Karamoja is characterized by generally low rainfall distribution, reliability … Read More

Karamoja: Day Four

DAY 4: “Inspired to be cuddled by children, I woke up very early in the morning ready to move with the education group after spending the previous day with the resettlement group with which I shared some intensive emotional moments. That morning I was able to have a soda with a Chapati for breakfast as the rest of the team … Read More

Karamoja: Day Three

DAY 3: “We started the day with a late breakfast of black tea without any edibles which Tea I really failed to take in spite of trying my level best to do so. The water in this location is somehow contaminated with lot of minerals and not so fresh for drinking unless when may be treated first. The would be … Read More