Every Moment Matters

This trip to Uganda was my third, and my favorite one so far! Personally, I feel like I experienced so much spiritual growth, and was truly inspired by all of the development and beauty that came from the work of Sweet Sleep in the lives of so many. Being home and having time to reflect on the work we have … Read More

Reflections From Mission Team Member Debbie Rankin

This week in Uganda has been an amazing experience for our family, and I want to share a few things that have touched my heart. When we arrive at the village each day we are greeted by the women singing and dancing. The joy and rejoicing of these people who have so little is humbling. The children are precious. Although … Read More

Humbled and Inspired

In Uganda, women have minimal rights. When a woman becomes a widow or her husband leaves her for another wife, the in-laws often take away her hut and all she possesses, claiming that it belongs to them. Women and their children are then kicked out of their living spaces; left to find jobs and fend for themselves. If their husbands … Read More

Every Story Matters

Hayden and I shared the devotional this morning and shared a story of two men passing by two other young men who were hungry and strangers in a new town. As one man passed them, he gave them some money, but his friend got down on their level, looked into their eyes, and extended them dignity by asking their name … Read More

Refuge For The Weary

Today our team traveled three hours in our bus from Gulu to Adjumani. Adjumani is an area that is home to approximately 82,000 South Sudanese refugees. Since 2013, there has been a bloody conflict between two opposing political parties. Many people think that American politics has risen to new heights of vitriol in the last few years, but nothing we … Read More

A Salon, Candles, and Leadership

Today I visited with some ladies from two of our Co-Op groups in Kampala. My first stop was to see Mariam, who is a member of a poultry group that launched in the spring of 2017. In addition to working with the group poultry project, Mariam has opened her own hair salon with a loan that she took out from … Read More

Mary and Immanuel

Today we spent the day in northern Uganda serving a population of refugees from South Sudan by giving them Sweet Sleep beds. They were all precious and it was a truly remarkable day. Some have asked how the children are chosen to receive this gift. Sweet Sleep has in-country social workers that work within the villages and settlements to identify … Read More

No Borders In God’s Kingdom

As Day 3 of Uganda winds down to the end, I take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the day. We celebrated the sabbath with fellow believers in Gulu. We spent the morning in comfortable companionship worshiping our living Lord. A structure patched together with pieces of Corrugated metal with a tiny cut out serving as a lone … Read More


Sometimes, actually more often than we think, there’s no substitute for looking into someone’s eyes, for holding hands with a mother, hugging a child, or kneeling in the dirt outside a family’s home. Sometimes ideas can’t replace the tangible part of love that is being with people. The week I spent in Uganda, I experienced this present, ground-level, heart-tugging kind … Read More

Out of The Chicken CO-OP

Our Latest Field Report from Uganda: In Uganda, it is believed poverty is on the decline with the rate decreasing from 37.7% to 31.1%. While it is assumed the situation is improving, this is not the case for many women-headed households. Widows and individuals barely survive in the peri-rural and slum areas where most don’t have any stable income, and … Read More