Going Beyond Beds – Margaret’s Story

Sweet Sleep’s ministry is evolving. Margaret’s story is the perfect example of how your gifts are expanding our mission beyond beds. Our mission statement is “Sweet Sleep exists to demonstrate God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, improving their quality of life.” Providing beds, mosquito nets and bibles to these orphans greatly improves their … Read More

A Light Bulb Moment

Because of my love for music, I grew up going to lots and lots of Christian concerts. In each of them I heard the artist pitch a missions organization and well, it was always this thing that I knew to expect but usually the story didn’t resonate within me. It seemed more going through the motions and a necessary evil … Read More

Hopes, Fears, and the Love of a Perfect Savior (Lannette Burlingame)

There are so many words which travel through my mind as I reflect on my experiences in Moldova. As our team interacts with the children and adults here at our “first of its kind” summer camp in the beautiful southern region of Moldova, two words stand out in my mind…hope and fear. People hope for many things in their lifetime. They often have hopes and … Read More

Storms, Grief, and Purpose (Kurt Koehn)

It’s 1:50 am on Wednesday morning in Gulu so it’s 5:50 pm on Tuesday in Nashville. The thunderstorms have been relentless for the past hour. I worry that the rains will make the dirt roads to our next village impassable. I feel a deep need to be there. To miss today’s delivery would mean 75 children will not get their beds … Read More

Home – Stuart McAlister

Home. Home is a word that can evoke very strong emotions in people. For most of us, home is more than a place; it is people. In my time at Sweet Sleep, I have come to realize this very profoundly. I consider that I have many homes. I have my home in Franklin, TN with my wife and my two … Read More

Greetings from Uganda – Kim Miller

After traveling 8741 miles and 40 hours, we arrived in Gulu Uganda at 7pm on Saturday November 8th. It was a great journey. Although we were tired, we were excited for what lye ahead. God has prepared each of us for just this moment. As you know we were privileged to be able to attend church on Sunday in a … Read More

Greetings from Gulu – Treasure Hanna

Hello Everyone, Greetings from Gulu, Uganda! God is Great! We are having a wonderful time here serving our Lord! Yesterday we were able to worship in a local village church. It was the most AWESOME experience! There was singing and dancing and preaching and prayer and great fellowship! (And did I mention the hugs and hand shakes and huge smiles) … Read More


Today I heard too many times about parents who wanted to, or attempted to, poison their children. These are parents who so desperately cannot afford to care for their children that they see ending the child’s life swiftly as the only solution. Pictured are Stephen and Peter – brothers who are 7 and 8 years old. They come from a … Read More