Sweet Sleep + Project 615

For the next few months, we are teaming up with Project 615 to help make the rehabilitation of families possible in Ethiopia. We want to help provide funding and awareness as we team up to bring advocacy and resources to families so that they may be reunited with their orphaned and abandoned child or children.

Let Them Be One, As We Are One

John 17:21 “…let them be one as we are one…”

sat today across the table from American and German men who have never met each other, and share nothing but broken Russian and a passion for marginalized children of Moldova. As the man from Germany spoke of his conviction that now is the time to build family homes for orphan care I watched the other,

3000 on the Border of Kenya

Today we drove about 95 km from Kitgum town to the village of Patonga to distribute 120 mattresses and kits. Oh what a beautiful ride. Mountains…sunflower fields…cotton fields…1 lane red-dirt roads…dust…huts…people! It was a three hour drive. We caught a glimpse of the tone of the day upon arrival. A huge sea of faces, a mob really, greeted us at … Read More

Coming out of hiding…

Something we talk about through these Northern Uganda distributions are the children who come out of hiding.  It’s worth explaining what this means, and how Sweet Sleep responds. HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in Northern Uganda.  With great intention we seek out organizations who are caring for this extremely vulnerable population.  We’ve been meeting with HIV and infectious disease specialists to … Read More

Heart For Moldova

We’ve been told this will be the coldest Moldova winter in 100 years. Today that proved to be true! Beautiful Moldova greeted us with cloudy skies and brisk temps as Jen, on her 32nd visit and I on my second, drove south across the small Eastern European countryside to meet Pastor Ion Groza, our Country Director. It all began here … Read More

Join a Sweet Sleep Mission Journey in 2013!

Upcoming Mission Journeys 2013 La Gonave, Haiti          March 8 – 16               Sandy Lake Wesleyan Church Closed Gulu, Uganda               June 7 – 16                   Open Kampala, Uganda         June 14 – 23                 Open Uganda                         June 7 – 23                   Back to back experience (Both locations) Open*  Moldova                       June 14 – 24                 Fall Creek Xtreme Student Ministry  Closed … Read More

Sweet Sleep in 2013

Wondering how you can be a part of serving orphaned and abandoned children through the provision of beds by joining Sweet Sleep!  Here are some simple and easy ways that you can join us as we strive to fulfill our goal of 13,000 beds to orphans in 2013! Use one of our programs: Nickels for Nets, Build-a-Bed, Insomnia, Under the … Read More

Kids serving Kids

December 13, 2012 Dear Sweet Sleep, We are thrilled to able to send you the enclosed check for $2,643.00 towards the purchase of mosquito nets for children around the world. During our Fall Semester here at First Hurst, our 3 year olds-6th graders participate in Missions Programs: Mission Friends (for preschoolers), Girls in Grace (for 1-6th grade girls) and BiG … Read More

A Valuable Gift?

As Christmas sneaks up, peeking around the corner, it can be too easy to lose sight of the caliber of that special day we all celebrate.  Do we choose to look at this “holiday” as one to fill up stocking, boxes, and endless wrapping paper with gifts of some form value? Do we choose to stress over a gift to … Read More

What A Night!

On Friday, September, 28, 20 students and 5 adults, gathered for a night under the stars. The only items we allowed students to bring were a Bible, a flashlight, and a sheet. Students could not bring cell phones, blankets/comforters, pillows, or other electronic devices. A member of our church provided the boxes. To get the night started, we watched a … Read More