Board Steps up 18%

The Sweet Sleep Board of Directors recently made their pledges for the year, raising their level of commitment by 18% over the previous year.  Board Chair, David Ward says: ” We have such a great Board who is working hard to explain this ministry.  Every Board member is committed to “giving” and “getting.” They each give personally, and then use … Read More

Give the Gift

Give the Gift Did you know that a bed can literally change the life of a child? Having a place to rest their head helps to not only improve their quailty of sleep, but help them focus better in school, keep them off the floor (where diseases may be more easily contracted), and helps them physically by providing support for … Read More

Jens Pen December 2012

Hello sweet friends! I’m writing to you from Uganda as Madelene, our Global Ministry Director,and I begin rounding up our very own journey!  What a wonderful and humbling time it has been to learn more about how Sweet Sleep can better serve and expand God’s kingdom through something as simple as a bed!  I want to thank you for making … Read More

Overwhelming Thanks

Today I stood in what used to be an IDP (internally displaced people) camp for 15,000 people from the northern Uganda area of Kitgum, Uganda as Sweet Sleep gave beds, Bibles, mosquito nets and water to 100 children who are single or double orphans living with aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or grandmothers. As I shook the hands of each man, … Read More

Sisters in Christ

Today we spent in deep, deep ministry and fellowship with our Ugandan staff. These two women have shaped the understanding of service and love and compassion for hundreds of team members who have come to this country with Sweet Sleep. Their hearts are pure and their desire to serve God with excellence guides everything they do and say. They have … Read More

Day 1 in Uganda

Ground breaking first day in Uganda.  We were interviewed, as women in ministry who are making a difference in peoples’ lives, on a radio station with 1.5 million listeners.  Learned there are 10,000 street kids in Kampala.   Met with other NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) who are caring for these children in this community.  We’ve traveled six hours north and have … Read More

My Sweet Sleep Story

We are so excited to introduce you to our dear friend Eddie Humphrey, Minister of Childhood Education of First Baptist of Belton, TX. Eddie was introduced to Sweet Sleep while attending the LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference last fall in Nashville, TN with his wife Kelly.  We’re so thankful Eddie’s Sweet Sleep Journey has just begun!  “After my introduction to Sweet … Read More

You are His Poem.

This morning during our staff meeting, Gary was able to share what had been on his heart this past week.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing of work, we lose sight of who’s work we are really doing; why we are doing it.  There’s a woman named Cindi Wood who has made a profession of writing books … Read More

Open Mission Journeys

The most important part of what we provide, ministry, happens in large part through the team.  I am so encouraged and hopeful about the teams whom God has already called together and I pray, daily, for teams He has yet to assemble. If you are an individual interested in joining a journey, prayerfully consider one of our upcoming open mission … Read More

My Time in India

Cute little Lady 🙂 Beautiful. Some handsome young men! Children at an orphanage we visited waving hello! in deep thought 🙂 This dear lady had no legs, but made a point to come to me, grab my hand, and touch her cheek to it. Women believe that if they mask their children with makeup(if they are a boy) or boy … Read More