Cel mai bun ziua…

What a great day! Really, how many days can you say that you got to see cow intestines, haggle for wash tubs, sing a duet with Dierks Bentley (aka Matthew) and be part of a bunch of orphans giving their lives to Christ? Well…that was today in a nutshell. I know it sounds like a lot of random events or at least the start to a really bad Nicholas Sparks novel but in reality, it is only one day in a trip to Moldova to work with a team of incredible people who only want to serve Christ. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I learned to speak Romanian 12 years ago and really, at that time, had no idea that it would culminate in a moment that would have ETERNAL consequences. The Bible tells us that God only uses broken vessels and honestly, you could lump me in there with them, but today I had the opportunity to tell the group at evening devotion time about God’s Plan of Salvation for us. At lunch, I had enlisted the help of some of the other ladies on our team (thank you Nancy!) to really pray for the hearts of these kids and for a move of the Holy Spirit. However, I really didn’t expect that move to come so quickly! After I walked the kids down the Roman Road I asked them if they had ever prayed the Sinners Prayer and asked Christ for salvation. Some hands shot up, our teams included (thanks for the moral support guys…it helped in a HUGE way to help out with crowd participation). However, when I asked if anyone would like to come up and pray that prayer with me…one little tiny dirty orphan girl (Doina) came forward and hugged me…and before I completely lost it…8 others came up and prayed with me to accept Christ! I wish I could say that I remember exactly what I said (maybe it had something to do with the afformentioned cow intestines…probably not…but really, I just wanted to mention the cow intestines again…OH…I did it again…wow, I am tired) but honestly, I don’t…I was totally on the J.C. autopilot and ALL of the Glory be to HIM! An incredible, incredible day. I will share more and it will mean a lot more when you can see the video and pictures. (Yes…we did take pics of the cow intestines…OH, I did it again!) But thank you, THANK YOU for all of your thoughts and prayers. I mis you all and will see y’all soon!!!! Yours in the unbreakable bond, Will P.S. Dierks and I album will be out in the fall….so look for our tour to be in a city near you very soon!

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  1. Anonymous

    All the angels in heaven are rejoicing as these little ones trust Jesus and accept Him as their own!!! What a joy! Wish I were there.
    Linda Blough
    (Jessica and Bekah’s mom)
    P.S.–Give them a hug for me and tell them I love them.

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