Chicken and Potatoes

Well, I can not believe this week is already almost over. I must admit at the beginning it was hard. Staying at the orphanage has been a bit hard. I never realized how important the comforts of home are. I miss my bed, always knowing the shower works, and food. I never want to eat chicken and potatoes again. Every night we have chicken and potatoes but cooked with different spices. Which at least we have some different tastes. This week started out kind of rocky. I was not really bonding with any specific child. This was hard for me because this summer I have gotten so used to having a child around my neck at all times. I have been more on the organizing part of the time. I prayed about this all week. I still continued to struggle with it until today. Today I finally really started to have kids come and love on me. Today I was so happy to finally bond with some little girls. I taught a life skills class today. The topics were dating, marriage, and sex. I was a little bit nervous about these subjects. I wanted to make sure that we covered everything that God wanted us to say. We prayed before going to the auditorium to start the class. After starting the class I knew God was going to make this evening amazing. We started out just talking to the boys and girls about dating. We had them make a list of all the characteristics they look for in a husband or wife. This help them to see that they shouldn’t just date someone because they like them back but because they matched the traits they were looking for in their future spouse. Then we led into questions about why we date, and the bounderies we should make before we start dating. The teens were quiet but they listened. I was impressed about that. Then the girls went off into another room and began our discussion about sex. I wasn’t going to lead this session but I was sitting in on it. The girls were very quiet and did not want to ask questions. I could tell they were embarrassed but at the same time wanted to listen. After the sex talk a young girl came up to Jane and I and started to ask us question. She was wondering about what to do because she was in a relationship where the guy was drinking. She wanted our input on her relationship. Then after all of this two girls went up to Jen and accepted Christ. I was so thrilled to hear this! Now that the week is almost over and my time here is almost up, I do not want to leave. I feel I am just now starting to bond with the kids. I have seen God worked through EVERY single person on this team. It has been kind of awesome to step back and watch God’s love shine through everyone on this team. I will see you soon in AMERICA! I can’t believe I am going home soon!

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    WOW Bek, you make me REALLY miss my favorite Moldovan meal…Chicken and Potatoes, or was it Potatoes and Chicken? 😉

    Looking forward to seeing you back home and hearing about everything!!!


  2. Anonymous

    I love you so much and I can’t wait for you to come home. I know you will miss everyone.
    Give Dima F. a huge hug for me and let him know he needs to go to Belmont.
    Hugs and Kisses!
    Spagattie and French Toast!

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