Chisinau or bust

Today was our first day in Chisinau, and it went really well. The whole team pitched in to pass out coats and that was a blessing. Their faces were priceless. One of the hightlights for me today was praise and worship time. We had Jordan on the guitar, Greg on the keyboard, and Kari on the drums. These kids know more songs and really get into worhsip time. After a couple songs, Brian Sims (Brentwood Baptists minister for the deaf) got up front to teach how to sign “Jesus Loves Me”. He taught it in both Russian and English signs. I have never learned sign language before, so I really enjoyes it. And you should have seen the kids…they loved it, too. So we were singing “Jesus Loves Me” in three languages – English, Romanian, and Sign. Once again…a little piece of heaven. We are doing well…looking forward to two more special days. God bless you and thank you for your prayers. Much love to all…

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  1. Anonymous

    Emily, is there any way Jen can make phone calls..if so, tell her to call me.

    I love hearing about your times with the children!


  2. Anonymous

    I can only imagine the smiles and hugs you are giving and receiving. We are so proud of you and look forward to all the pictures and stories. We miss you but know you are in the place where you should be. What an amazing journey!! Love Mom

  3. Laurie

    Can you guys get to your e-mails?? I have a couple of questions for Jen and I haven’t been able to “reach” her.


  4. Amanda

    Ok- I posted this yesterday but it didn’t work… I heard “Gone” and it made me laugh and think of you- and then I laughed when I was writing this, because you are in fact, Gone, right now! :o)

    We are all praying for you here. Rhonda prayed for you guys after announcements in SS on Sunday, and Mary Anna lifted you up in Bible study last night. I look forward to reading more blogs while you are gone and hearing the stories once you return.


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