hello great friends, family and prayer partners…etc!

just a quick note to let you all know things are going great! today was coat day….this was amazing.

for those of you who don’t know….EMI CMG (EMI Christian Music Group–see more on our website) partnered with Sweet Sleep this Christmas to provide winter coats for the children in both of the orphanages….1,040 coats in total. Praise God…that is so amazing.

the children in falesti completely loved getting new coats. tomorrow we’ll post pictures of the event so you can begin to imagine how amazing this was. children were squeeling, jumping up and down, throwing their heads back in laughter and hugging each other. one child was so amazed when he saw the new coats he just dropped what he had in his hands and kept saying, “wow” again and again—his eyes getting bigger each time. it was absolutely wonderful!

brian sims, the deaf pastor of brentwood baptist deaf church, arrived in moldova tonight. tomorrow we’ll start to investigate ministry opportunities for the deaf in moldova, including a deaf orphanage in the south. please be in prayer for all the challenges that come with this.

our team is still in falesti and will be leaving a place they’ve quickly grown to love. please also remember them and the children in your prayers as they leave and travel to chisinau.

monday we’ll have our first day at the orphanage in chisinau. we’re also planning to distribute coats to the children there. that should be another great day!

thanks for your postings and your prayers…..keep them coming!

stay tuned for more from our team…and, pictures!

sleep sweetly,
the christmas in moldova team

4 Comments on “Coats-R-Us”

  1. Laura Cantrell

    We are so happy that everything is going so well with Christmas in Falesti! I know it will be tough on both the team and the kids when you leave, but what a blessing you and EMI have been to those kids! I can only imagine their smiles and squeals. Our prayers are with you as you venture to Chisinau as well. Please hug our kids for us and tell them we love them all.
    Laura, Pat & Elizabeth Cantrell

  2. Anonymous

    Seeing delight in children’s eyes is such a blessing. I am so thankful for the team and EMI for bringing the “dream of coats for everyone” to a reality. I can only imagine the joy you saw and more to come in Chisinau. Safe travels and keep smiling even though the tears will fall.
    Love, Hunny

  3. Linda Blough

    I can only imagine the excitement with the children when they received their new coats and gifts of winter wear! Wish I could have been there… But I am praying for you each hour!!! Everyone I talk to on the home front is anxious to hear the stories of these precious children and the all that is happening on your amazing journey. FYI–it is still hard for me to be on this end and not be a part of the team. But again, I am your prayer warrior and I am there in spirit.
    Linda Blough
    Jess, special prayers for you!!! Please make a snow angel for me and give out lots of hugs and kisses on my behalf. Take care of little Eugen. Stay warm (if that is possible). I miss being there with you, but I know you are doing an amazing job and making lots of new little friends. I am so proud of you!!!
    xxoo to you! Mom

  4. Anonymous

    Jen, if you have any way of making a phone call, call Adam Goldstein 305-539-6082. He left a message on my answering machine today (Monday) afternoon.

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