“Consider it pure joy!”

After several long days of traveling, we are all every excited about starting camp today. The trip has been an interesting adventure so far. Yesterday, we left Chisinau and set out on what we thought would be a two hour van ride to Belts. However, most of the team ended up in a van with a driver who didn’t know how to drive the van! The trip ended up being about four hours, with some of the team members having to get out of the van and go to the bathroom in the woods! When we tried to get the van going again, it wouldn’t start, so Rusty, our man of the trip, actually had to get out and push the van to get it rolling! For those of you who have seen the film “Little Miss Sunshine,” we definitly had a similar moment! Our verse yesterday was James 1:2-6. Throughout the ride, everyone would laugh and say “Remember, consider it pure joy!” I think that will be the theme this week!


P.S. I miss you and love you Mommy! 🙂

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