Countdown to Gulu (Spencer Key)

It is about 24 hours from the time our group will be landing in Amsterdam on the first leg of our journey, and 9 hours from when we load up and head to the airport. My how time flies (pun intended) and how quickly situations can change. Today was going to be one of my busiest days at work of the year so far and it had nothing to do with the trip. And 2 more just like it are already scheduled for the week of outer return. The day went well, the Satan started attacking. Plans and schedules for completing the last minute items flew out the window, even broke the door. I just smiled, and prepared to not get much sleep tonight. That’s alright, because I tell myself that I’m just preparing my body for the time zone changes, right? So let me share with you part of the devotional that I shared with the team on Monday because it fits so well.

If your life is anywhere like mine, Satan is throwing anything he can at you right now. Just step back and laugh at him. The more he throws at you, the louder you laugh and proclaim the name of Jesus, who has already won. With all that is being thrown my way, I am excited to see how God is going to use us on this trip. I’ve been praying for each of you daily, and I hope you’ve been praying for each of us by name, also. The following wasn’t the exact piece I was looking for, but it was close. Hang tough, Friday is almost here. Then when we all get together, we will be an even greater indomitable force to be dealt with. And when we actually become His Hands and Feet in action, “Get behind me Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, who has already won the battle over you!!!” Keep your eyes on Jesus, because Satan will use your health, family members’ health, relationships, and work issues to try to make us stumble. Or those are some of the ways he’s working overtime on me. So I rejoice, because if he’s working this hard to keep me from being all Christ wants me to be then God must be planning something REALLY, REALLY BIG…

We’ll be posting updates as often as Internet service will allow.

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