Well the day started with bed building staining and bed extraction from the rooms in which we are building the beds. The bed building went fast but the stain still took time to dry so that slowed us way down but we still managed to crank out 53 beds bringing our total to 68 beds. Our bed maker still has not delivered the remaining 100 beds so on our way back to the house we stoped at his shop and tried to speed things up. He said that he would have 20 ready for us on our way to the orphanage and 40 by the end of the day still short of our 200 by 40 beds. He thinks he will have the rest on friday. YAY looks like a late night on sat. Well food is still incredible. I cant wait to share my Pics. with everyone. Well talk to you all tom.

2 Comments on “Day 2 In MOLDOVA”

  1. Katie

    Ugh. What a bummer on the delay of the beds! You guys want to crank out more now! Haha! Well, I will continue to pray for smooth delivery of the rest of the beds. And, there will be no late night on Saturday, you silly – maybe Friday lol. God will take care of you, don’t worry!

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to hear all is going well. I learned via Katie that our young friend is on Spring Break. I know that if you give her stuff to someone to give to her, she wil never get it. What do you think we should do? Is there someone else special you would like to give the things to? Let me know.


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