Day 4 (Final Post)

Well today we first went to the bed makers shop again to ensure that the 40 beds were ready to take to the orphanage. There were also to be 60 platforms but (his staple gun broke so we were shorted on the platforms) Well that wasnt it he also didnt have the screws like he was to have so we went to a market to get them since it was international womans day most stores were closed. We found a shop that sold thems but they didnt have them in the numbers we needed some 300+ well then we had to improvise and find dif. screws that would work. after we had them we went to the orphanage. we bult all the beds we had then had to hurry to the lunch we bought for the kids and teachers yesterday. 30 chickens soda exc. well we served them and after the meal we gave the girls a flower and everyone a bible. The small kids got a book called 101 bible stories. Wonce that was done we did a little touch up on some of the projects that were hurried then back to the house. we had lunch then sat around and talked and slept. ( I talked the girls stayed up to (4am and got up a 7). after that we all went out to eat at Andies pizza. I had peperonie but it came with corn, pepers too. others had mayo and feta and other dif. things. well that leads me up to now. Im at a internet cafe typing. well It looks like i wont be able to blog tom after the orphanage sice we will be going strait to kishno the capital city to stay with a couple who lets american misonaries stay with them. If I do blog i will be suprised. our flight then leaves at 6am on sat. 10pm your time. well I cant wait to see everyone when i get back.

PS. I heard form a translator who translates all the sponsered kids letters. She said that Natalia has gone to live with her parents or step parents Natalia is expected to return to still get letters and see her friends since where she will be staying is not far from falesti. This is the translator that I will be giving the items to she also said she would take a pic of her with the items and sent it to ms. jacklin. The translater says she hopes that she wont have to come back for her sake. The orphanage is in poor shape.

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  1. Katie

    Hey sweetie! I know you probably won’t get this until you get home, or close to it. But, just know that you are still in my constant prayers, all the way till the moment I see you in the airport! ;o} Can’t wait! See you soon… I love you!

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