Day 4 July 23, 2009 BED DAY!!

Today is the day that we all have been eagerly waiting for….the delivery of the BEDS!! Because the beds were late getting to the first orphanage we only we able to assemble beds at Caring Heart and tomorrow we have a full day of assembling beds at Africa Greater Life. Caring Heart has 2 dorms, male and female. In each room we placed 25 bunks fully equipped with two sheets, a blanket, and mosquito nets. While we were making the beds the children were eagerly looking through the windows in anticipation of sleeping in their new beds. We were also fortunate enough to place beds in the teachers quarters for a total of 14 bunks. Today was awesome!! God has blessed each one of us for the opportunity to share God’s love with all of these children today! Tonight the children will finally get sweet sleep!!

4 Comments on “Day 4 July 23, 2009 BED DAY!!”

  1. cowsfour

    Kendra….We are so proud of you!! Take care of yourself and keep blessing those sweet children with their new beds. Love you!! KK and family

  2. lloyd flock

    Sounds totally amazing!!!!!!!
    We are so proud of your group and all that you’re doing, can’t believe how awesome it must be!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessings to your group and all those precious children!!love and prayers!!! =)
    Mom,Dad,Seth, Matt and Sarah

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Whitney it is Kristi…we are really proud of you. Jonathan and Logan looked at the pics they were really excited to see you. Be safe…we love you.

  4. Tina

    Kendra I am so very proud of you and Whitney. What a wonderful experience to share with a friend. Be safe and remember that God is watching over you and the sweet sleep team and all your babies.

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