Day 7

Hello! I can’t believe we only have one more day left of camp. This trip has been so amazing. Some of the team members and I were joking about how we should go on “Survivor” after this because of how much we’ve experienced this week! It’s awesome though because I know that God is teaching me so much. At this point, I’m grateful for the peanut butter and honey sandwiches I’ve eaten every day and the bottles that we use to fill with water for our showers. I know the kids don’t have bottles to fill or clothes to change out of when they get too hot.

The kids have been so so incredible. The little girls follow me around constantly, always climbing on me or kissing me on the cheek! It doesn’t even bother me at this point when they hug me with their sweaty little bodies because they are so sweet. Today, we got the kids to write letters for all of you and our other sponsors to read telling about their favorite parts of camp or thanking people. Several little girls ended up actually writing personal letters to me also. One of our translators, Kate, translated them for me right there. I started crying at the end of one letter because the girl, Oxana, told me how much she loved me, how she thought I was beautiful, how she would never forget me, how she hoped I would always be healthy, and how she would wait for me to come back. I think tomorrow will be hard for me.

Last night, I went to one of younger girls rooms to talk about their new beds and tell them how they represented how much we love them and God loves them. They were so excited and happy to make up their new beds. We all held hands and some of them prayed out loud. I’m not exactly sure what they were saying, but I know it was coming from their hearts. They all climbed into bed and I went around and hugged each one, telling them I loved them. All of us have really bonded with these sweet and loving children.

Well, it’s almost time for worship! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement!


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