Day One- Moldova

We made it!! After approximately 26 hours, three countries, three plane rides (including a diversion to Kentucky- fearful we were headed to Frankfurt, KY instead of Germany) and a three hour van ride through the countryside of Moldova (incredible pot holes that I was sure were going to swallow our van whole), we arrived at the IMB house in Falesti at 10:30PM Saturday evening (where did Friday go?). After a wonderful dinner of chicken and rice and a dessert of chocolate banana cake, we all crashed in all the glory that was our travel funk in hopes of recalling where we were when we woke up. We spent most of the morning organizing all of our supplies. Apparently we are the first Moldova team to make it to Moldova with all of our luggage (sans one suitcase that was accidently left at the airport-opps- no worries everyone has underware for the week) and by-pass any questions from customs!! Rock on! We made gifts for our translators and the teachers at the orphanage and organized all of the supplies into their various categories (musica, recreation and arts and crafts) and then all piled into the vans to meet our translators for pizza. We had a great time getting to know our translators and enjoyed what would prove to be the last time during the next few hours of the day that we could communicate fully. Ohh to be able to speak Romanian- I would have so much to say! We were then off to the orphanage camp to meet the kids and their teachers. We steppped off of the van and the kids at the camp looked at us curiously and many of them slowly came up to us. Many of the people in our group knew some of the kids from previous trips or from being a sponser and the kids just ran into their arms so excited to see them. I approached a few of the kids and tried out my first few crude words of Romanian. “Boona Zewah (sp?)” I said and the kids’ eyes lit up and I asked their names. As they got more comfortable with us many of them would just come up and grab your hand or just give you a hug. I was overwhelmed by the affection. These children didn’t know my name or who I was but they were so glad to see me! I berated myself for not learning more Romanian words and longed to tell the kids everything. That we loved them, that we would be here all week and that we had so many great things planned for them. After a few minutes of introductions, we headed into the cafeteria to have cake and fellowship with the camp teachers. We met Ana and through the help of Daniel, our translator, learned that she was the nurse for the kids and that she was very glad that we were there. We asked her lots of questions (always the curious Americans) about her children and where she lived. We also asked about the kids and what they need and if she had any advice for us for this week. She said to be patient with the children and reminded us that by being here we encourage the children and that she was very thankful for that. Thank you Ana for reminding us of our purpose here. We enjoyed cake with Ana and chatted some more before going out to meet the kids that would be in our Bible study groups all week. As Emily read off the names of the kids that would be in our group they ran over to me and Bekah and we asked all of their names. They seemed so excited to learn our names and just talk with us. Alena, our group translator, helped us explain that we had lots of things planned for them and that we were very glad to meet them. We read a few Bible story books with our group and they had a great time teaching me the Romanian names of the animals pictured in the books. They were very tough teachers and made me say the words over and over again until I got it right. We must have read those books 5 times a piece and they would look at me funny when I just couldn’t remember the name for the turtle (actually two words and pretty hard to pronounce with a Southern accent). I will practice, I told them. We did the Hokey Pokey and turned ourselves around and just got to know the kids. They were so happy to be around us, it was amazing. I was sad to say goodbye but we made sure they understood that we would be back tomorrow with lots of games and fun stuff for them to do. I got back on the bus and thought of a million games or books that I wish I had brought, but more importantly I tried to repeat the names of the children I had met in my head. Each little one made by God for a purpose. I had seen lots of pictures of the children on the Sweet Sleep website and in pictures of people who had travelled to Moldova in the past, but until you meet these precious children you can’t imagine how it feels to look into their eyes and to tell them your name and to give them a hug or hold their hand. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we bring in full force all that we have planned for them- the games, the crafts, the Bible stories, the Bibles of their very own. We have planned so many things to show these kids that they are loved. Not only by us but by their heavenly father who made them. “Pray also for me that whenever I open my mouth words may be given me that I may fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” The mystery to these kids is that they are loved. Although the world may not be the most kind place for them and they may not have mothers and fathers here on earth to love them, they have a most holy God that calls them His own. So that is our first 24 hours in Moldova and I have to say: price of one bottle of water in the Frankfurt airport- $8; price of small bottle of hand lotion in the Frankfurt airport due to my inability to exchange Euros to dollars in my head- $60; cost of smelling the food on the Air Moldova flight- loss of appetite for a good 4 hours; van ride throught the Moldova countryside- loss of approximatley 2 inches in height and one or two vertebre in my spine; cold shower in the morning with only driplets of water- loss of feeling in most of my body and residual shampoo in my hair all day; meeting the children of the orphanage camp in Falesti- PRICELESS! Look for more to come for our group!! God bless!!!!

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  1. Marvin

    Hey Sunny,
    That is awsome! I will be praying for you guys every day. Sounds like those boys and girls really need yall. Your right, God does have a plan for each of them and part of that plan is your group being their today showing them the traits that shine when you have a relationship with Jesus. So just keep telling them that you love them and God loves them every chance you get. Keep up the good work Hot Shot.

  2. Misty

    Great to read your update. You are such a humorist, always the funny one. So glad to hear you arrived safely and received such a warm welcome. We are all thinking of you and praying for you, and looking forward to reading more
    updates. We are so proud of you.

  3. Windy

    Dear Sunny
    I was thrilled to see you had written about your journey (no one can tell a story better than our Sunny). I am also smiling to know that the joy of working with God’s precious little ones has already overtaken you. Don’t worry about the language barrier so much–remember that love is truly shown through actions not words anyway (love is a verb!). You could also use all the sign language you learned in VBS (like “I love you” or “Jesus loves you”). We are so proud of you and are praying for you, your team and especially your children every day!!

    To God be the Glory!

    Love Windy

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Bek, can you get a bithday cake for Eugen on Friday? That would be so cool. He would feel so extra special to have his own little party. Missing my two girls. Love to both of you!
    Hugs and kisses!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Beautiful!
    It is so exciting to read your blog, and what God is doing, it made me laugh and cry. What a privilege to share the love of Christ with those precious children. I look forward to reading about it everyday.Much love and admiration Mom

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Sunny! I was praying for you, the team & the children on my way into work this morning & could hardly wait to get here to read your blog entry. And, like your Mom said….I laughed AND cried reading it. Those children are so blessed to be seeing God’s love through people such as yourself this week. And each of YOU are so blessed to be experiencing all that you are as you serve Him. How awesome. I can’t wait to read more about your adventure. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. Love – Amanda

  7. Lorri

    Hi Sun-

    So glad to hear news of your trip. Like your mom, I cried reading all of it! I’m so glad that you have the chance to do this. Truly, couldn’t be more proud of my friend! Jeff and I failed at our attempt to take DM to lunch on Sunday – Jeff left the service sick right in the middle. All he said was, if I don’t come back, can you bring my bible home? Poor guy. Anyway, I hated that we missed out on the chance to do that. Keep posting – we love knowing what is going on there!

    See you soon-

  8. Anonymous

    Hey Sunny:
    It was such a blessing to read your blog today. I had a rough start to my morning but seeing how God is working through you and blessing this children is truely inspiring. I have always looked up to you spiritually and I have never been more proud of you than I am now. It is so wonderful to know and tell the others that God has a wonderful plan for all of us if we just trust in Him. I will pray for you daily and look forward to reading your blogs.
    Love BooBoo

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Sun,

    I just checked out the website and read your blog. That is so awesome how the kids are responding to you all. I am sure you communicate your love and God’s through your smiles and hugs. You may not be able to tell them everything you want to, but I am sure you are communicating more than you know through your actions. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I will continue to pray for you and your group. May God continue to bless this mission.

  10. Jeremy

    Hey Sunny!
    Congratulations on you and the team making it through with all your luggage and supplies. Of course we miss you here at the office, but know that the work you are doing now if far more valuable than hospital audits. Anyways…just wanted to say that the blog was awesome and that I am praying for you, the team and the children that God will bless you all. Keep strong and remember that “you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you!”

    God bless!

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