Election Day in Moldova and Haiti: Tomorrow, Sunday, November 28

Tomorrow is a very important day in two of the countries where Sweet Sleep ministers: Moldova and Haiti. I ask that you please take a moment for some prayer for fair and peaceful elections. And, for the right leaders that God has created for such a time in history as now, to be given the opportunity to lead their people and countries in a way that is honoring to God.

So much of what we are able to do to minister to the children of these countries depends on the peace of the country and leadership within. Your prayers are important and have been asked for by those we work with in the leadership of these countries.

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Below you’ll find some important guides for prayer from Valeriu Ghiletchi, former Bishop of the Baptist Union of Moldova (with whom Sweet Sleep has a partnership) and who now serves as the Bishop for the European Baptist Union and a member-elect of the Parliament in Moldova.

Dear friends,

Tomorrow, November 28, is the decisive day of the Moldova Parliament elections campaign. 

Please, join your brothers and sisters from Moldova in prayer at this critical time for our nation:

1) Pray for fair and peaceful elections. 

2) Pray for a victory of the democratic forces and a new future of Moldova.

3) Pray for the Prime Minister Vlad Filat and his team, which I am part of.

4) Pray also for me, so I will finish well this course for His glory!

May the light shine in the darkness!

Valieru Ghiletchi

Pray also for people in Haiti to be able to come out and vote without fear of violence or sickness. Pray for fair and safe elections. Pray for peace in the process. Most of all, pray that the people will see this as an example of healing, but that they’d remember TRUE healing and restoration is from a different source.

Thanks friends.



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