Election Results and Report from Moldova

Below is an email I just received from our friend, and Parliamentarian-elect, Valeriu Ghiletchi. Thank you for your prayers and, per Valeriu’s request, please continue to pray as the final votes are determined.

We give thanks to God for the strong, Christian leader he has created in Valeriu. Though Valeriu won a seat in original election and again in each subsequent “do-over” election in the last 2 years, the journey has been tiring and complicated.

Val, I praise God you’ve been steadfast in the fight to bring integrity and hope to Moldova. We continue to thank God for you and to pray for you.

Here’s the email:

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for your prayers. After processing 97,5% of the election results, the good news is that three parties members of the Alliance for European Integration got together 58 seats in the Parliament versus 43 seats for the Communists.

Another good news is that both, I and brother Veaceslav Ionita are in. The Liberal Democratic Party I ran with got 31 seats.

The sad news is that the Alliance lacks three seats in order to elect the President and overcome the constitutional crisis. Only a miracle can give the Alliance the necessary three seats from the last 2,5% of unprocessed votes.

Keep praying for the final result and for the negotiations that will follow. 


PS Here you can follow the results: 


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