Ephesians 3:20-21

Thursday already- time has flown by. The days are passing so quickly because the mornings have been filled with hard work building, and making beds. Then after lunch we have gotten to spend some time with the kids. This has been amazing!

The kids quickly warmed up to us. I had an immediate connection with a few girls that latched on right away- they want to walk hand in hand wherever we go- it’s cute. These girls are 12 yr old. There is another special little boy that has stolen my heart- Ewan. Ewan is one of those mischievous little boys- everyone else is in class and somehow Ewan is free to roam around and hang out and help us. He’s always there. It’s great. Today Ewan was around as always, and Dave and I were working on a bed but not working together at the moment. Ewan walks in the room and grabs Dave’s hand and pulls him over to me and then picks up the teddy bear in the room and points to the heart- it was so sweet. Apparently he wanted us to work together and wanted to make sure we were not mad at each other- it was sweet. Adorable.

Today was a very neat day. We finished the beds in the morning, went to lunch, and when we returned we got to spend tons of time with kids. I got to work with with the crafts today. We helped the kids put crosses on paper and then decorate them. We did not have a translator most of the time, but I finally went to get my Romanian translator sheet and starting writing Isus Te Ibueste- which means Jesus Loves you. As I wrote that on their crosses- their faces lit up with smiles. This was incredible. It was neat to share this with them.

During our crafts the older girls were taken to hear a sex trafficking talk. This was a time when they talk to the girls about sex trafficking and try to warm them of ways to avoid getting into this. It happens often here. Karla and Amy helped with this and they reported that it went very well. While all of us girls did these events, the boys worked hard on the beds.

The best part of the day came with the birthday party- the birthday party is this special time when we throw the kids a party our last day. A lot of the kids don’t even know their birthday and most do not get a birthday celebration so it’s a neat opportunity for us to throw them all one It’s also a time to remind them of Jesus’ love for each of them and how special they are to us. The birthday party was a hit. We had100 kids come- each received a cupcake, party blower, goodies bag, and juice. They scarfed the cupcakes down so fast- it was like the best thing they had gotten in a long time. We asked the kids tonight as they were all seated quietly how many of them had received new beds- every kid in the room shot their hands up and smiled big. Tears welled up in my eyes at this moment as I realized that we got to be a part of something so cool in these kids lives. With as little as they have, we got to bring joy into their hearts even if for a short week. But also knowing that each night they go to bed, they will hopefully remember us and more importantly how much God loves them.

Goodbyes were exchanged after the party. It was a neat time to hug them and receive hugs and kisses from them. Many were so thankful and I had several thank me several times for being there and what we had shared throughout the week. It was sad to leave.

Tomorrow we head to another orphanage to build some of the extra beds we have left- this orphanage is a boys orphanage with mentally and physically challenged boys. Several are confined to their bed. We are so excited- these boys know we’re coming and they are anticipating our arrival already the day before.

The verse I have been praying over all week is Ephesians 3:20-21. Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

The Lord works in amazing ways- each morning I have prayed that he would accomplish even more than I have thought to pray for. I believe he has. I don’t know what Jen had in mind with Sweet Sleep, but I believe he has done infinitely more than she probably imagined- that’s just what He does. He is providing so much for so many kids and it is only through Him that we are able to do any of it.

Thanks for praying, we do appreciate it and again tomorrow we ask for prayers as we go out to share God’s love with more children who don’t receive much love in their lives.

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