First Day At The Orphanage

WOW!!! The kids here are amazing. When we first got there there we were just standing in the middle of a parking area talking about how things were going to work and we saw 2 adoribale kids staring out of a window just watching us. they were so cute. We later found out that the kids in that room were sick with feavers and some of them were itchy so they were confined to that room. well wonce we got the supplys out and started staining there was a wave of kids that came out to help, they had so much fun. we stained almost a 100 beds in like 2 hours. However it was so cold and there were to many clowds that the sun didnt dry the beds so we moved the foam matresses out of a room and brought in everything we had stained which was also all that we had since the rest of the beds are coming on wed. The beds should dry in there. After all that we had some lunch and now we were off to buld 15 beds that were already stained on Sat. by Miller and some of the kids. Now if we thought the kids were excited to help they really started to wont to help. we had kids drilling putting washers on the screws and hellping make the beds with new sheas and confetors. Well once that was done we prayed over each bed we bult and headed back on the GREAT ROADS LOL (NOT) I think i almost hit my head on the roof of the van a cupple of times. We are staying in the mission house but the email is broken there so we have to go to a internet cafe to blog. But back to the mission house it is GREAT hot watter, american showers and toilets. Not to mention good food i think i might gain weight. well until next time. Thanks for your prayers.

PS Natalia a girl on of my sponsors has a child she is sponsoring at this orphanage but she is with some family since it is one of there birthdays and it is her spring break. but some of the kids at the orphange know her.

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  1. Katie

    hi my sweets! It is SOOOO good to hear from you! I have been so anxious to hear from everyone – but to hear from you first was the best! I kept checking the blog – you posted about 7 minutes after I checked last before we left the house. Then I was able to read your blog on my phone while we were out. I am so glad to hear that all is going well so far. I am praying for you every second that I look at the clock – and think about what you’re doing. You all are sleeping now… I pray for SWEET SLEEP as you all rest tonight!

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