God is Awesome!

Buna Ziua from Arlene! That’s “Good Day!” in Romanian–which pretty much sums up today and every day at the Ivancea School/Medical Treatment Center. We’ve been having an amazing time building beds and doing Vacation Bible School. Today our Bible Point for the day was “God is Awesome!” For any of you who are familiar with VBS Bible Points, you will know that each time the Bible Point is announced it is followed by a specific group exclamation. Our exclamation for the Ivancea kids has been “YeeHaw!” Imagine that in a Romanian accent. Priceless. But kids are kids everywhere and these kids are no exception. They have embraced all of the VBS activities with such an amazing enthusiasm. More often than not they are the ones ministering to us! But anyone who works with kids knows that’s usually the case.
Today we talked about Mary’s experience with Jesus. How she loved her little boy, how she watched him grow into an amazing man. How she watched as he displayed his power through miracle after miracle. And finally how she watched as her son was arrested, condemned, and crucified. Then how she experienced the awesomeness of God when He came back to life. We wanted them to understand the pain God must have gone through allowing his Son to die for us. We hoped they would see his great love for them through his sacrifice. To further illustrate the message, the unsung heroes of our time here, our translators, acted out an amazing “human video” along with youngest members of our team.

Please watch the video here.
Pay special attention to the lady on the far right playing the part of Mary. Warning: find the Kleenex first!

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