Good progress…

Team 2, Day 2.

First of all our last two team members arrived safe and sound last night. We got an early start this morning. Bill and Tom (Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure anyone?) started on the floor in one of the rooms. Jen went to get more stain, brushes, gloves, etc as we set up for the day. When Jen got back, we headed to the camp to see the kids…always a treat. I’ve befriended yet another Mihai…what is it with that name? I noticed this little boy the other day. He was very shy and stayed alone most of the time. He just seems so hurt and alone to me. So I went and sat next to him and did all of my stupid human tricks that break the language barrier (a must over here). So today he latched onto me – such a sweetie. We did worship with the kids and then left as they headed out to do crafts or recreation, etc. The rest of the day was spent painting the beds and putting in a floor. We finished painting over 100 beds and moved 60 of them to one of the dorms. They’re all ready to be assembled tomorrow. I’m excited to see that part. We brought several of the older boys from the camp to help us today. It’s fun getting to hang out with them. They’re such great boys, and all they need is a chance. And chances are hard to come by in this country.

One of the best parts of the day was watching Jen use a power saw to cut the last piece of wood for the new floor. She’s a natural – watch out, Bob Vila! They went to buy the wood for the floor yesterday and estimated they would need about 27 pieces of wood. They decided to get a couple extra pieces – 29 total. It turns out that’s all the store had. Jen laid the last piece today…piece #29. God sure knows what he’s doing!

We actually finished early today and had a chance to go look at a couple of possible transitional living homes. These will house orphans who have graduated and have no where to go. We’ve had several conversations with the boys this week, and many have no where to go, and they’re scared. But Jen is working to find a place for them, and we keep reassuring them that if God takes care of the sparrows and the lilies, how much more will he take care of them? The houses were beautiful (although unfinished) and they have amazing views. Please be praying for open doors and guidance during that process.

Ok, I’m about to go whoop on some of the boys at Phase 10 and then it’s dinner at 8 pm.

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  1. Amanda

    How come no one else is blogging, Emmysue? That’s a cool story about “piece #29” sort of like Ursher #19… no, not really at all like that. But God performs these small daily miracles as an encouragement to say, “keep going- continue to be faithful and I will provide.” Heck, if He provided enough pieces of wood, He can surely provide homes for these graduated orphans! Praise be to the mighty God we serve! And Em, you’re going to have to start numbering all these Mihai’s you’ve come across :o)

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