Good Times and Great Oldies

Man, this has been quite a trip. I’ll do the best I can with the short amount of time I’m given to blog. We are at a little internet cafe in Marculesti, which really should be shut down for false advertising. The internet is slow that it’s taken us about 20 minutes just to access our blogs.

I knew it was going to be a trip with great memories before we even boarded the plane in Nashville. It was about 5am, and our group is sitting around about to go through security when Amy and I realize that we have the same sports watch. Being girls, this of course gives us something interesting to talk about. Casi then asked, “What brand is it?” to which Amy replies, “It’s a WR 50M.””Amy,” I say, “I think that means Water Reisistant, 50 Meters.” And that my friends, is why I love Amy Helms so very much.

In New York, we had about a 5 hour layover, so most of us decided to take a short “tour” of the city, which basically included going to Madison Square Garden and looking for a pizza joint. On the way back, I had my first experience with the NYPD, which was exciting. You always get to see them in action on tv, but in person, it’s sweet. In order to get the attention of the NYPD, all you really need to do is have a crazy guy walk through the train station yelling, “Why are all of you peoploe in my county?” It only takes about 3 of those statements to cause 5 NYPD officers to swarm around the individual. If he decides to protest, they will promptly pull out their black gloves and start putting them on. At this point, they quietly took him away. It was awesome!

We got to the orphanage last night after about 3 days of traveling. It is nicer than I thought, although the bathrooms and showers are something to behold. They have no doors, no privacy of any kind. We brought shower curtains to put up, so the whole team didn’t have to watch us use the restroom. The most important thing is to have a shower and bathroom buddy. Your buddy goes with you when you decide to take a shower. Casi is mine, and it’s worked out quite well so far. Your buddy holds your towel and clothes while you scream bloody murder because the water is so cold. Once you take the fastest shower you’ve ever taken, you and your buddy switch, and you do the same for them. Casi, you’re a great shower buddy.

We are sleeping in the Infirmary of the orphanage in old beds. I am praying like crazy that we don’t get lice. Mom and I brought Nix just in case. I slept better than I thought, which was nice. We all took Pepto Bismol before dinner last night to coat our stomachs, just in case we couldn’t handle whatever the cooks fixed. So far, so good.

Amy and I had Musica today. We had planned on teaching the kids fun dances like the Hokey Pokey and line dances, etc. However, we found out the church we are working with frowns upon such things, and we hd to come up with activities from the top of our head. We played some great oldies and did the limbo, duck-duck-goose, Screaming Ninjas, Rain Storm, and other such kid games. Some games went over well, but the girls just couldn’t get the Screaming Ninjas game. We found out it’s because the orphans don’t like to sream. Just goes to prove the point that Americans are loud!

Alright, I gotta go. My time is up. Bye!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for blogging. You probably won’t get to read this but just know we are praying for you and for God’s blessings to pour out on you. We will keep your vans and drivers on our list too. All is well here. Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the pictures.
    Love Sherron,

  2. Shelley

    Hi Natalie!

    Just wanted you to know I was reading the blog and praying for you and the team. Sounds like you’re having a great time!! I’ll start to pray against getting lice. 🙂

    Love ya,

  3. Amanda

    Hey FR! Thanks for the blog- it is so good to know what you all are up to and helps us know what to pray for. (are you blogging for your mom too? ha ha)

  4. Anonymous

    I’m glad it’s going well, Nat. Hope the preventative lice meds are making you think of me…
    Just kidding 🙂

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