Greetings from Gulu – Treasure Hanna

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Gulu, Uganda! God is Great!

We are having a wonderful time here serving our Lord! Yesterday we were able to worship in a local village church. It was the most AWESOME experience! There was singing and dancing and preaching and prayer and great fellowship! (And did I mention the hugs and hand shakes and huge smiles)

Today we went back to the same village to deliver the supplies that all if you helped supply. The children did a program for us with singing and dancing. Then we got to sing for them and present the Gospel and perform the Mosquito skit. Then we blew bubbles and played soccer and frisbee and talked. We had such a wonderful time.

I had the most amazing experience. A young lady with purple earrings asked me if she could talk to me about education. She told me she was 18 and had just finished school and had walked many kilometers to just see us today. (She knew she was too old for the program and knew she would not receive anything.) She asked me how she could really know Jesus so we discussed the Lord’s prayer. She said she had prayed that. Then she asked how she could know him better because she didn’t have a Bible of her own. I suggested that she pray a lot and ask God for wisdom. I promised to pray for her to grow and learn.

Then after all the fun, we got to pass out 90 mattresses, mats, blankets, mosquito nets and Bibles to the children. There was such joy! The people were all smiling and grateful and very hospitable.


There is a low side to this story! Most of these kids today are HIV positive. Most of them are orphaned or have sick parents. They have so little compared to most of us. Yet we love the same Lord and are loved by the same Jesus. But the absolutely hardest part is when the “stuff” is all handed out and there are still children waiting in line… They are told to come back next time.

I am happy to be able to make a difference in the life of just one child, but I will continue to pray to make a difference in many more in the future.

I ask you, my church family,to pray with me. Pray for us to let our lights shine brightly to reach the ends of the earth.

Treasure Hanna

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