Greetings from Uganda – Kim Miller

After traveling 8741 miles and 40 hours, we arrived in Gulu Uganda at 7pm on Saturday November 8th. It was a great journey. Although we were tired, we were excited for what lye ahead. God has prepared each of us for just this moment. As you know we were privileged to be able to attend church on Sunday in a local village in which we revisited on Distribution day 1. It was a powerful morning. We began our next distribution on Tuesday. We were greeted with special songs and dances. Two children gave testimonials as to how the beds, bible and mosquito nets have transformed their lives. We have distributed 290 beds as of today. So many lives changed. It is so amazing to see God in the precious eyes of these children. Our most remote trip required us to drive 3 1/2 hours deep into the bush. In Uganda, families/children walk very far to extreme remote places to receive their items. They always are smiling and happy. Then after a long day of ceremony and playing with us they hand carry the items they have received and walk home. Each day has come with its own blessings , you see greatly here people have very little and yet they always celebrate our Lord. In every village there are those who are suffering greatly, with that they always celebrate our arrivals and give ” the team” the best of all they have while we are there. They show much gratitude for our being here…for the beds. God is at work here, I have seen it everyday in every handshake,hug,smile,song and dance. We are the ones being richly blessed. To God be the glory great things he has done!

– Kim Miller

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