Halfway around the world

Well as you now know, we are here, safe and sound. All is well in the construction Team base camp. A couple carryon pieces of luggage were “misplaced” but I am sure they will show up. Airport to airport it was 24 hrs, for those keeping score.

It is pretty powerful to arrive in a country that in my own lifetime was under communist rule. Yet I am connected to the internet, typing on a laptop, letting you all know we are here and are excited about doing some hard work at the orphanage as well as sharing the Word with boys and young men. Awesome…just awesome! The team is great, and we have had many laughs already.

I am really excited to start sweating tomorrow, moving furniture, tearing up floors, or whatever else needs to be done. I look forward to kicking the “football” around with the teens sometime soon as well, hopefully recalling some long lost coordination!

Thank you all for your prayers, please think of us as the easy part is done now, and the real work begins. I ask that you remember how fortunate and truly blessed we are to be in the United States of America, enjoying the freedoms we have, especially the freedom of religion. Embrace that right, use that right, much was sacrificed for that right and all the other freedoms we have. Godspeed.

2 Comments on “Halfway around the world”

  1. Jill

    So glad you are there and safe. Lot’s of people back home praying for all of you. 2 days into your trip and having an experience of a lifetime. Take care. Thinking and praying for each of you constantly. God Bless.

  2. Anonymous

    Jqck — did all of YOUR bags make it through with you? We are hoping the care package arrived. Enjoyed reading your blogs too! Take care and return safely. Peggy and Calle

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