Happy Birthday!

Today was great – we started off with breakfast, consisting of cereal (KosmoStars – seriously!), hot tea, juice, bananas, yogurt…not bad considering previous meals! Then, we went to church at a local Baptist church. It was great – the entire service was in Romanian – lasted 2 hours, but it was fantastic! Alexia (one of our team members) sang Amazing Grace, and the Moldova church members just loved it! Then we had the Moldova version of pizza for lunch – remind us to tell you what “pepperoni” looks like over here!!! Now for the best part…we went to the camp after lunch and decorated the cafeteria with balloons, streamers, all sorts of fun stuff – then had all 140 children come in for a birthday party! The director of the orphanage said itwas the first birthday party they’d ever had- They really seemed to love it! We served them cinnamon rolls, sang songs, gave them gifts, did some face painting, etc. The kids and the teachers all seemed so happy and appreciative – it was so good to see their wonderful smiling faces. It’s so hard to believe that these precious little children have no one to give them these type of celebrations that we all take for granted. I’m just so glad we were able to share some joy, hugs, and love with them.

Enough blogging for now – we all miss our support folks back home, and are more mindful than ever of the blessings that we take for granted every day. By the way – Happy Father’s Day to my dad – the very best dad in the world.


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    That is just too cool, Colleen I’m sure this is one day that will never forget! Thanks for sharing this story.

    Alexia, that’s great too how you were willing to use your talent to minister to someone that doesn’t even speak the same language, yet understood perfectly the message you were singing about.

    Keep it up Team One !!!

  2. Robin A

    Amazing…..grace. Go team 1. And keep the updates coming. We are with you in spirit. Much love and many prayers coming your way! Alexia, I miss you like crazy. Your SMom : )

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