Heading home tomorrow

What an eventful week this has been!! It’s hard to believe it’s coming to a close….. Today we had the most awesome experience–we washed the feet of our children. We told them about how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, and that we wanted to follow His example and wash their feet. We explained that we had come to the camp to serve them and show them the love of Jesus. Our group was the older girls. At first they were very embarrassed and didn’t want us to wash their feet. They finally acquiesed, and amidst much teenage girl giggling, we washed their feet, dried them, lotioned them with sweet smells, and put brand new socks on their feet. What a blessing it was to kneel before them, gently love on them, and show them the love of God. I learned that you have a whole new appreciation for someone when you care for their feet, when you see the dirt, the crooked toes from years of wearing ill-fitting shoes, the blisters and mosquito bites. How humbling. Tomorrow morning will be our last day at the camp. It’s been awesome to spend time with my sponsored child–whom I now consider to be my daughter –I can’t believe I’m not going to see her again for another year! It will be SO HARD to leave!! But how blessed I am to have been able to return to the camp and to spend this week with her! It’s been a great week, though much too short, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. Love you all.

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