Heart for Moldova (Day 3)

Tonight we celebrated the opening ceremony of the Moldova: Heart For Orphans event. Over 500 Christians from across Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, and America gathered together to worship and pray for orphans. The goal of this event is ultimately to spark a movement in the Church of Moldova to have a compassionate heart for their own and champion indigenous adoption throughout the country.

Tonight, I had the unique opportunity to speak on behalf of Sweet Sleep and Heart For 1 from the same stage as local pastors, adoptive mothers and children, even the Bishop. I am humbled that God would choose to use me and my prayer was for Him to speak through me.

I began by sharing that I represented a ministry that was born right here in the country of Moldova 10 years ago. Since then, we have expanded into Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States. At first, our mission was simple: to share God’s love through the provision of a bed.

In recent years, God has revealed a desire to serve and advocate for orphans at a deeper level. This desire led us to launch Heart For 1, a ministry extension of Sweet Sleep. Heart For 1 works to educate Christian families about the orphan need and promote indigenous adoption of these beautiful children.

Here is a little deeper look at Heart For 1 and what we believe:
• We believe God did not create children to be orphans; He created children to be sons and daughters.
• We believe that children belong in families.
• We believe that a child placed in a permanent loving family within their own community is the most sustainable, compassionate, and loving way to care for a child who has lost his or her parents.
• We believe it is our calling as Christians to care for the orphan.
• We believe it is our duty as Christians to teach children about their Lord and Savior.
• We believe it is up to us to teach Godly principles and raise them to be men and women of our Lord.

As orphanages around the world are closing, God is calling Heart For 1 and Believers across the world, to come together and promote the biblical teaching to care for the orphan. If we do not invest in these children, someone else will…someone who may do harm or teach them evil ways.

We love because He first loved us. We adopt because He first adopted us. We are cleansed in His blood. We are made pure. We are His. We are beloved. And just as He loves us, we are called to love His children.

I closed with a prayer and quietly returned to my seat. I am overwhelmed that God has invited me to be a part of His work loving orphans all over the world.

Tomorrow we embark on our initial Heart For 1 mission journey into the field to teach, advocate, and share the gospel about orphan care the way that the bible instructs.

We need your help!
• Pray for the 50 team members who will be visiting churches, families, and homes.
• Pray that God will speak through them and that the hearts of those who hear this message will be softened and open to the orphan need.
• The orphan population is huge. Pray for how God will use you in this effort. Adopt, pray, advocate; be the Body of Christ that is the solution to this crisis.

Our goal this week is to raise $20,000 to support this inaugural Heart For 1 effort in Moldova. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to support Sweet Sleep’s ministry Heart For 1 and our work to educate and advocate for the orphans of Moldova; placing, and keeping, children in families as God intended them to be.

Click Here to donate, and select “Moldova Heart For Orphans” to ensure your gift will be used to make a family whole.



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