Hello Everybody

It’s us Stef and I. We had a long flight and we found out we can’t sleep on a plane! So, when we got here in Moldova we were dog tired. Just like the other posts, it’s HOT!!! Today it got up to 110. No A/C and not really missing it??!!?? Don’t understand that one. I (Rusty) can’t stand the smell of the food. Too many onions. I’ve (Rusty) been eating protein bars and drinking warm water. Stef has been eating protein drinks and drinking warm water. Do you see a trend, warm water, warm water, warm water… There are about 70 kids here, we planned for 130. I guess that should have told us something about planning and scheduling. Those were thrown out the window when we arrived. Everyday there is a different scehdule. One schedule was to eat supper with the kids. That changed before we made it to the cafeteria. On the other hand the children are very sweet and want to be hugged. They run toward you so hard to hug you have to stand firm. They’re enjoying us being here and it will be very hard to leave them behind. We made the 130 beds in 2 days. When it was time empty out the old beds and move the new ones in, the kids went crazy. It was like a feeding frenzy. Eight and nine year olds were carrying beds up 3 flights of stairs. Tonight they get to sleep in their new beds. Goal Accomplished!!!

We miss everyone so much and can’t wait to get home to see you all!!

Hugs and Kisses from Moldova,
Love You All,

Stef and Rusty

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