High Alert…but a Higher calling at work

Well amidst the news of the foiled bombing plot out of London, we are all on high alert, just like the rest of the World, and certainly all those in the United States. Am I worried? Not even one little bit. My concerns? I guess I won’t have my Nalgene bottles of water with me on board for the flight across the pond.

It is Thursday, 8/10, and I have been asked numerous times about the security of travel, will our trip be cancelled, are you scared, etc. This is natural. But for those of us with faith in Him, He is much greater than the plots of terrorists, and the sheer intimidation of terrorism as a whole. The Lord will protect us, make no mistake about it.

Moldova awaits our arrival, and I am excited to be on the journey with the others in my group. I anticipate much from our group, as we seem to all get along and I think there will be lots of smiles, and just as many memories as we share the Gospel with the children and teens in Moldova.

The real beauty of trips like these, is that Christ works in miraculous ways. Not only will we be sharing the good news with the kids/teens, Christ will also be working on our hearts. The hearts of a group of people brought together to do a wonderful work. I am thankful for each individual who has made the journey to Moldova before us, to prepare the “field”, and for those after us who will continue to care for the “field”.

The anticipation is building, for an event that will impact my life (our lives) forever. Godspeed.

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  1. Mark Kelly Hall

    God bless each one of you.

    Did’j’ever wonder about that term “Godspeed”? I like it, but think about it; this is in reference to the same God who made Hannah wonder if her prayers for a baby would ever be answered…and who waited until Abraham and Sarah had one foot in the grave (and maybe a couple of toes) before He got around to making them the humble parents of a nation…and who led the Israelites on the not-so-scenic 40-year excursion through the desert (with the women blaming Moses for refusing to stop at Stuckey’s and get better directions)…and who, for crying out loud, had so many joining the prophet in the chorus “How long, O Lord?” that it was a #1 hit on the “scrolls” for centuries (and this was before payola)…! I have to suppose it’s not so much a wish for brevity of travel as for quality of experience on the journey.

    So, I join my brother in his salute: Godspeed, ladies and gents!

    And Grace and Peace to you all.

    Mark Kelly Hall

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