Home again

Well, I can’t speak for ALL of the team that traveled today, but I’m home. Our team slowly began to dwindle as we said goodbye to Steve, Doug, Robert, Jordan and Julie. It’s funny how close you get to people on a mission trip. They truly become your family away from home. I will write more about the trip in the next couple of days. Jen, I just wanted you to know we got home safely. I hope you and Tim have a productive day today – you’ll be getting up soon, I’m sure. It’s 10 pm here, however, and I’m in serious need of some shut-eye. More to come later, but here’s a picture for the time being. These are all of the kids in Falesti in their NEW COATS!

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  1. Jordan Bryan

    Well, we made it back to Texas safe and sound. Me and Robert had such a great time. It truly was a week where God moved and lives were changed. We are thankful for the friendships and relationships that we have with you guys, and feel really blessed. The week was to short but the memories will last forever. God Bless and Don’t mess with TEXAS!

    Jordan and Robert

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