Im the one receiving the gift

Hey everyone…Ok, I have no idea why these children as soooooo happy. But, if we could bottle it…Anyway, the point being the mood is amazing. Little background; we want to include the children to give them “a sense of ownership”. We dont even have to ask for help. For example; we have to put washers on each screw. I caught a room of 7 kids maybe 4 or 5 yr olds watching us…I grabbed 30-40 screws and a handfulof washers and laid them in the floor in front of them. Ok, I got 7 blank looks….I lifted one screw up, slide a washer over the end….YOU WOULD’VE THOUGHT I’D THROWN CANDY AT THEM…They leaped into the floor and in minutes gleefully delivered handful after little handful…With a smile that could easily grace the cover of any magazine.

As we finish the day, we enter each room, kneel beside the beds…its rare for only the child claiming that bed to join in…More the norm for 3-5 kids climbing up on each bed or kneeling next to them to clasp hands and thank God (via the interpreter of course)

Me? Ok, 2 days in, the “dogs are barking”, the lower back reminding me Im not 20 anymore….And I havent needed an alarm to get me up and running down the stairs yet.

From filming the kids showing off for either the camera or someone that is actually giving them attention…more likely the later. To the 3 yr olds asking me to twirl them (again and again….and again)….My face, my heart and my soul smiles!

Im truly blessed to have been a part of this experience..not only for me…But for those little faces. And as the older kids explain to the smaller ones who, what and why we were there….Why the Amur-E-Kans came….Father, be blessed! Lord be praised and thank you!


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